Was awaiting such a review which is more towards ownership than initial review. Throw in a vintage goggle and it completes the cafe racer look. You've done like <500km I guess. The Royal Enfield is not overly complicated, and if I had 10 grand it’s definitely a bike I could live with as it makes all the right moves for the target customer. Its indeed a really stunning looking bike from RE. The Continental engine. As they say: "Cars moves bodies, Royal Enfields moves souls!". The Dark Side. Enfield's profilation of this bike: The Royal Enfield Continental GT is the lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield in production. Thank You again. Royal Enfield’s new Continental GT is a café racer with performance, ability and authentic appeal. Even so, it looked to Britain once again for inspiration when it came to the Continental. But it’s still a simple, air-cooled single-cylinder roadster that produces less than 30bhp and costs just over £5,000. Even so, the claimed maximum of 29bhp looks feeble when some middleweights develop four times as much. Royal Enfield’s improved quality control means the classical experience should be backed by reliability. I was bewitched by the looks of this sttunner when I had taken my TBTS 500 for service at the time this bike was launched. When I started explaining the problem with the gearbox he himself asked me if it refuses to shift from first to neutral when the bike it is on but easily shifts when it is off. re: Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 : Ownership Review (25,000 Km and 5 years) I have completed 350 kms so far and thought I should update the thread with recent findings and developments. The peace of mind while owning a R15 Vs RE is the repeated visits to the Service centre or later to a renowned Bullet mechanic, which is inevitable. The RE ownership is more based on emotional than practical but this RE is practical too with higher quality materials used. Cycle World review. I have completed 350 kms so far and thought I should update the thread with recent findings and developments. The SVC guys have said they need to open it up to see what is wrong with the gearb(l)ox.Or was there a PDI in the first place? I was terribly impressed by their video advertisment which was really lovely. Today’s GT may be manufactured at a state-of-the-art factory in Oragadam, India – Royal Enfield has been owned by Eicher Motors since 1994 - but the basic silhouette remains similar. This thread deserves to be littered with pictures, spread some sunshine. 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT Cafe Racer pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Despite the Continental’s racy image, the riding position dictated by the café racer-style clip-on bars is not too aggressive. Better still, the starting price of £5,199 has a pleasantly old-style feel, too. The dual seat that everyone talks about but few have actually spotted. The single front disc and Brembo caliper give excellent stopping power. It is an absolute screamer in Yellow. Thank you all for your kind words gentlemen. re: Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 : Ownership Review (25,000 Km and 5 years) Thank You very much for a very detailed write-up on RE CGT. Neil Congrats on your new set of wheels. Just a suggestion from my side, you should get a open face helmet instead of the HJC. It does appear to be comfortable enough but I need to figure out how to attach a rear grab handle. The handling is very stable, while taut suspension, Pirelli tyres and fairly generous ground clearance add to the appeal. The look is authentic and in some ways the ride is, too. In fact the original Continental, one of the last bikes built before Royal Enfield closed its original factory at Redditch, south of Birmingham, in 1967, was a tuned 250cc single aimed at young riders. It was designed in collaboration with Northumberland-based Xenophya, while for chassis expertise Enfield chose Harris Performance of Hertford, famed for building frames for Barry Sheene. On the motorway there’s mild vibrations through the handlebars by about 4,000rpm and 70mph in top. It’s a machine with a story, a nod to motorcycling’s finest hour; a painstaking collaboration. By Roland Brown 03 October 2013 • 15:43 pm Inevitably the GT is happier out of town, where you can ride quite hard even at legal speeds. I don't quite remember when, but I suppose it happens in fresh pads and goes away once the brake pads are run in. Mileage : I did 231.9 kms on my first tank full before the low fuel warning started blinking. Royal Enfield’s new Continental GT, like its namesake of the Sixties, is a stylish café racer with low handlebars, bright red paintwork and racing-style humped seat. Hardly. Here is what 5'11" me looks like astride the Continental GT. As fate would have it, I met a gentleman from the St Marys Royal Enfield showroom (in Cochin) today evening and I was talking to him about the Continental GT. There is one in Indiranagar and I cannot stop myself from gaping at it when its parked around. There are so many great bikes set at this price point now, but the Continental GT is a class act that is cool, reliable and fun. What say ? The folks at Royal Enfield and owners of this bike are going to hate this section, but it needs to be said. Well if I had found this before booking my bike, I probably would have booked the red instead and immediately gone in for this paint scheme. And if you’re not in a hurry it’s as fun as it’s economical. ...I would wait before opening up that gearbox. And you tease us with 2 pics ?! Awesome write up too putting everything that matters in your post! Wildboar exhausts is an aftermarket fitment and I don't think RE will sell them in their showroom more so since they are free flow exhausts. Neil: Thank you for a most excellent write-up. If “heritage” and “authenticity” are what motorcycles are all about going forward, then no company is better equipped to prosper than Royal Enfield.The company’s roots date back to the 19th century, and its Bullet—whose engine the new Continental GT is based upon—was first produced in 1933. The salesguy at the showroom where I took a TR however said that RE did not offer any other OEM exhausts for the Conti GT. Congrats Neil!First full length review of the Conti here on t-bhp.Eagerly awaiting your long term riding impressions. I'm sure you will enjoy your rides. Let all the mechanical bits loosen up a bit. RRP's muffler I am sure will be perfect for a bike like GT. Now for where the Continental GT falls short and leaves room for improvement. Royal Enfield Continental GT review Royal Enfield’s new Continental GT is a café racer with performance, ability and authentic appeal. (Unless, Seems like you're pretty much set on the Conti eh.Will we be seeing a stable mate for the 500. Horsepower. Referring to your earlier post on the road conditions,Its quite bad.I assume you go via Krishnagiri-Salem-Coimbatore-Palakkad-Cochin or Via Mangalore? Finally some action in team bhp on continental GT. Will we see the first true custom Conti here on t-bhp? The Continental is a development of Royal Enfield’s old favourite, the Bullet, which has been modernised during the past decade while keeping its appearance and character intact. What a stunner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpgNFJqEXRQ. Tested: 535cc four-stroke single, five-speed transmission, Price/on sale: £5,199 (£5,499 as tested)/October, Power/torque: 29bhp @ 5,100rpm/32lb ft @ 4,000rpm, Verdict: Cute retro café racer, short on speed and thrills but offering classical single-cylinder character with sound handling, economy and low price, Authentic: the new Royal Enfield Continental GT hits the spot, Anton Du Beke's turn as judge will put the ballroom back into Strictly, Children in north west should get similar 'special consideration' for exams, Labour suggests.


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