no extra work put in. In regular retail $10 packs of 2014 Topps Chrome you get 12cards & then 3refractors for a total of $15. Only problem 7 were doubles. thank you thank you. You’d have to go and stalk a player just to get their autograph. The relatively straightforward mix of rookie autographs, Refractors galore and chromium stock have made it a perennially popular product. Overall not a bad product, just keep your expectations in check. Atleast last year they had a limit so you had as good as chance to hit a LeVell Bell as hitting the fourth string TE. We’ve got them listed at: First hobby box I have broken in years…Very disappointed at all of the combine photos.. Chrome was my safety net in collecting and now im terrified to buy 1 box at $40….i would like to know the full story behind this tragedy, and what about Topps losing thier NFL licence?? Rookie Autograph Variations are only in hobby packs and are numbered to 75. Rate this product from 1 to 5 stars using the following rating scale: © Copyright 2008-2020 The Cardboard Connection. The combine shirts are embarrassingly lazy on Topps part, The base set of Veterans are worthless, and it seems that the packs follow a very basic pattern. There was nothing that wowed me, but the cards I pulled mostly looked good and I enjoyed the product. Open 6 boxes thanks and happy holidays. Eight Refractors means the 3 that you get in every box not numbered (blue wave, pulsar, green) then three base reflectors not numbered, and then finally just two numbered refractors??? Today I love reading reviews after a few years go by and the rookie classes settle in (or not). We figured out a trick��.if the auto is in a certain spot of one box meaning like top left row 2nd in, then every auto in that case is in the same row, DO NOT BUY LOOSE PACKS� I picked up 35 boxes without the auto between 7.00-11.00. (Big Ben is far from top 5 maybe top 5 steelers quarter backs of all time. First hobby box coming in tomorrow. Out of my case, and most others I’ve seen, you average about 2 refractor/color parallel autos and 10 base autos, most of which are of players that are UFA’s or late rounders. This product has roughly 72 autos if I’m correct. average product at best. I got mine for $40 tax, shipping, & all & I still feel like I was hosed. Condition: Like New. Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) & PSA/DNA Authentication Services, Professional Sports Memorabilia Authentication, Offering East Coast collectors the opportunity to drop off and save on shipping, Insightful submission, grading, and collectibles content from PSA, In-depth instructions on how use the PSA online submission center, Learn how to properly package your items for shipment to PSA, All service level pricing for cards, tickets and packs, The official price guide for PSA-certified collectibles, Odell Beckham (R) FACING FORWARD-AUTO (150), Teddy Bridgewater (R) BALL OVER HEAD-AUTO (150). I know there is something like 12000 cases produced. Just my thought though so I’m sure it doesn’t matter. While they are technically able to be pulled, this greatly diminishes overall interest in the product. I’m a little surprised at the collation I’ve seen so far. After busting a case of this stuff, I’d highly recommend staying away from hobby boxes and cases and going with rack packs instead. This way is a little safer and fun when you see it :). Inserts & Parallels. Very disappointed again. Topps is very lazy, I said it. Besides basic Refractors (#/150), other parallels include STS Camo (#/99), BCA Pink (#/75), Black (#/25), Pulsar (#/15), Gold (#/10), Red (#/5) and Superfractors (1/1). I hit some Herron WR from Tampa Bay & two serial numbered cards. One main positive for Chrome is the on-card rookie autographs and that is largely the case except for the multi-signed cards and a few of the lesser-known rookie players. Nice hits in each retail box I buy. If the 2014 Topps Chrome Football variations look familiar, that's because they are. The base pack out is terrible, and the dealer bailout is terrible, Cases are to be had at just around 450-490 range now. The cards look good, but with the majority of key rookie autographs short printed and given that it features the same design and images as flagship Topps, the lasting value is not there and the box prices have nowhere to go but down. Pulsar, Sepia, Printing Plates and Superfractors are all exclusive to hobby packs. This makes them common enough to appreciate what they add, but not so many that they feel overdone. Base Jordan Matthews auto, Sankey and Mettenberger Camo autos. After opening up my case I got 5 base autos of guys undrafted or round 6 or 7, and 5 base autos of guys in middle rounds, and finally 2 base autos of 2nd rounders. got no numbered autos and the majority of the autos i got sell for under 2 bucks. I got lucky on my 2nd and 3rd boxes hitting a blue Manziel refractor, an Andrew Luck sephia refractor, and my monster pull a variation Teddy Bridgewater auto /75. Buy strictly retail as it’s my only option where I live and I don’t know who to trust online to buy hobby. For many, one of the biggest draws in 2014 Topps Chrome Mini Football is the one-per-box Rookie Autograph. Basic Refractors land 1:3 packs. Scott � Refractors weren’t noted this year. They have the rainbow background when you tilt them in light. After opening up a couple of boxes in my case I now know why their price on them is dropping so fast. To learn more refer to our Mail (will not be published) (required), 56 Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco 49ers, RAP-JM Jordan Matthews - Philadelphia Eagles, TRA-MBB Blake Bortles - Jacksonville Jaguars, REFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDS: Red Refractor #/99, Blue Wave Refractor #/25, Superfractor 1/1 (Hobby), REFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDS: Base Refractor #/99, Pulsar Refractor Die-Cut #/50, SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), REFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDS: SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), TB-2 Allen Robinson - Jacksonville Jaguars, REFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDS: Base Refractor #/99, Gold Refactor #/75, Pulsar Refractor Die-Cut #/50, SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby), DIE-CUT REFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Wave Die-Cut Refractor #/50, Red Die-Cut Refractor #/25, SuperFractor Die-Cut 1/1 (Hobby), CRDC-JG Jimmy Garoppolo - New England Patriots, REFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDS: Base Refractor #/99, SuperFractor Die-Cut 1/1 (Hobby), FF-AB Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers, FF-JC Jamaal Charles - Kansas City Chiefs, REFRACTOR PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/75, More TBA, RR-JG Jimmy Garoppolo - New England Patriots. Ryan-do you know the print run on the base autos, such as Bortles, Manziel ect ect. Don’t spend more than $40 a box on this stuff it’s not worth it due to lack of value. Topps Chrome makes the customer feel like they’ve purchased something worthwhile and they’ve really done a great job with the different types of cuts and including autos which you’d never see growing up. is doing business for Check Out My LLC and is utilizing patented technology. The checklist is split evenly between rookies and veterans.


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