Before and after photos of our All Purpose Sun and Shade lawnseed. Leafcutter bees are necessary for optimum seed set in alfalfa. If you are have a passion for forage, turf or native seed, speak to one of our sales agronomists about the possibility of becoming a dealer. © 2020 Northstar Seed Ltd. All rights reserved. Sorghum sudangrass seed is here and ready to go into your field. Geographic location and weather conditions during pollination have a large effect on seed yield. Starting with a clean field free of perennial weeds is very important. In order to straight cut, the crop must be desiccated with an approved chemical or by a hard frost. Alfalfa can be susceptible to leaf and stem diseases. Quality Products and Dependable Service. Alfalfa seed production occurs throughout the prairies and is exported all over the world. - Extremely high in protein, calcium, plus other minerals and vitamins in the B group, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. - Alfalfa … Our agronomists can help identify potential chemical control options. Alfalfa is adapted to a wide range of soil conditions, but yields best in well drained soils. It is the most commonly grown forage legume used for livestock production in Western Canada. What are Heirloom Seeds: In the past, heirloom seeds … 1-800-430-5955, High performance alfalfas, legumes, grasses and Max Seed Blends, for all soil types and uses, Annual legumes, radish, brassicas, grasses and blends for grazing, n-fixing and soil improvement, Extensive list of Western Canadian native legumes and grasses, Lawn and Turf, Rainier wood fiber mulch and tacifier, and LEGEND corn, Download Northstar's Full Seed Guide For More Info. Many seed growers use contract beekeeper services to pollinate the crop. The goal in the breeding of AAC Maximus was to provide a new variety with improved yield over Fleet Meadow Bromegrass. P.O. Ideal seed moisture is 10.5%. Supplies are limited, so call today to get yours booked. Northstar Seed. Head Office Winnipeg, Manitoba R3V 1L5 It is the most commonly grown forage legume used for livestock production in Western Canada. From seeding irrigated acres as an intensively managed forage crop to improving the grazing production of a dryland pasture, there is a variety of alfalfa … Alfalfa (Organic), Sprouting (100% Organic/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) Alfalfa is one of the healthiest and easiest sprouts you can grow! Founded in 1982 by a group of Western Canadian alfalfa seed producers, Northstar Seed has grown to become the premier supplier of forage seed in Canada. Alfalfa seed production occurs throughout the prairies … It requires the use of leafcutter bees for adequate pollination. A short turnaround from order to delivery provides unparalleled service, in season when you need it fast. Seed alfalfa no deeper than ½ inch into a firm, fine seedbed. Scout fields regularly to identify diseases and apply appropriate fungicide. Shelter from the wind should be considered as this will benefit the bees during pollination. ft Seed Planting Depth: Broadcast directly and tamp ½" deep Growth Habit: Alfalfa cover crop seeds … For more information, see the technical sheet. After pollination, alfalfa seed takes about five to six weeks to mature. Seed alfalfa between 0.5 lb/acre and 1 lb/acre in 24 inch to 36 inch rows. Glyphosate applications in the years preceding alfalfa will help eliminate perennial weeds. Research has also shown that AAC Maximus has the potential for higher yields over Fleet in certain soil zones. Alfalfa seed yields in Western Canada can range significantly, from 100 lbs/acre to well over 700 lbs/acre. 'Alfalfa' - (Non-GMO) - Sprouting Seeds SKU: CA$3.49. Unavailable per item ... Support your secluded seed production across Canada. Swathing can occur when most of the seed pods are black or brown in colour. Growing Alfalfa Cover Crop Garden Seeds. Alfalfa is a long-lived, cool season, perennial legume. Canada. Flax or cereal crops are recommended as cover crops. Latin Name: Medicago sativa Common Names: Lucerne Alfalfa Hardiness Zones: Perennial to zones 2-9, Annual cover crop use Days to Maturity: 60-70 Days Alfalfa Seeding Rate:.5 lb per 1000 sq. Planted June 9 in a neglected, heavy shade backyard. Treat the alfalfa seed with a quality inoculant just prior to seeding. Its ability to withstand challenging growing conditions and come back for more the following year is surpassed only by native rangelands. However, there are few chemicals registered for use in alfalfa. CA$3.49 - CA$13.50. Without question, alfalfa is one of the most reliable sources of forage for producers. Our knowledgeable Sales Agronomists and Dealers can recommend a product or custom blend based on your needs and growing conditions. It can be seeded alone or with a cover crop. Box 99, St. Norbert Postal Stn. Management of bees is very labour intensive and requires a substantial initial capital expenditure. Straight combining is a popular option because it helps reduce seed losses. Founded in 1982 by a group of Western Canadian alfalfa seed producers, Northstar Seed has grown to become the premier supplier of forage seed in Canada… Alfalfa is a long-lived, cool season, perennial legume. Northstar Seed is continuing to expand its presence in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. Alfalfa’s low seeding rate and wide row spacing offer little competition to weeds. After 32 site years of testing side by side across 11 locations in Western Canada, AAC Maximus had an average yield of 103% of Fleet.


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