Identification of functional group and structure elucidation. Some of the major applications of IR spectroscopy are as follows: 1. High modes of vibration:Since they contain more than 5 atoms; hence min. This can be done whilst simultaneous measurements are made using other techniques. Application of IR spectroscopy: IR spectroscopy is mainly useful for organic and inorganic chemistry. The pharmaceutical applications include formulation development and validation, drug research and structural elucidation, quality control processes. In this chapter, applications of IR spectroscopic and … Entire IR region is divided into group frequency region and fingerprint region. IR spectroscopy is an exceptional technique for the analysis of pharmaceuticals, as its sensitive, use is simple, rapid, and assist ensure regulatory compliance with the verification protocol. Lower symmetry of Complexes:Due to formation of ligand & polynuclear complexes.3. Formation of chelates:Large no. 10modes of vibrations.2. IR spectroscopy is used in the pharmaceutical industry for functional group identification. APPLICATIONS OF IR SPECTROSCOPY TOINORGANIC COMPLEXESDifficulties:1. Applications of IR spectroscopic techniques allow identifying molecular changes due to obesity, to understand the molecular mechanism of the disease, to identify specific spectral biomarkers that can be used in diagnosis. Range of group frequency is 4000-1500 cm-1 while that of finger print region is 1500-400 cm-1. In addition, these spectral biomarkers can be used to identify the appropriate drugs and their doses for treatment. Infrared spectroscopy has been highly successful for applications in both organic and inorganic chemistry. of new bands appear.15 This makes the observations of chemical reactions and processes quicker and more accurate.


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