We hope that you’ve found the best pull-up bar out there to suit your needs, whether you’re putting together a gym at home or just looking for a novelty product. The telescopic design is definitely extremely handy and means that you can pretty much take it anywhere with you. Almost like some kind of hybrid design… And this is exactly why we needed to include it. Out of 83 customer reviews on Amazon, 86% are positive, so this says a lot about the product's popularity online! This freestanding pull-up bar actually holds up to 135kg of weight, which is impressive right off the bat. You can more or less tell how sturdy the heavy-duty steel is just by looking at it, but you can certainly tell the difference between this and doorway pull-up bars when it’s properly screwed into the wall. It attaches to the wall with a wall bracket, and the roughly 20kg punching bag is made from hardwearing Maya hide leather. If you end up using it super regularly, it’s likely some small marks would start appearing where it makes contact with the frame and wall, however they are on the small side. They are consistently praised for their quality and durability, and we can’t fault them after trying both variations ourselves! This space-saving design for doorways is made from reinforced carbon steel with soft cushion padding for comfort. If you have space for one, we definitely recommend giving this best wall-mounted pull-up bar a look in. It feels incredibly sturdy in our opinion, and doesn’t feel as though it's going anywhere, even when you’re speeding through your daily bodyweight routine! You’re probably thinking what we did when we first laid eyes on this product; it looks completely different to any of the others we’ve seen before! Its grip handles are made up of 5 mm thick foam and have three layers. Amazon customers continuously sing its praises in the review section, so much so that we had to try it out! Currently renting a home? BodyRip could definitely have the best doorway pull-up bar on their hands. This is useful if you want to use it for exercises such as hanging leg raises! It’s a doorway pull-up bar for starters, which is great for those who don’t have space for a power tower or one that is wall-mounted! There are a variety of pull up bars you'll find online suitable for home use - and some won't cost you more than £20. All you need to do for this is attach it to the bottom of the door frame and use it to support your feet. For other inquiries, Contact Us. It's also a piece of kit to motivate the whole family. Not only do you get the wall-mounted pull-up bar, but you also get a dip station included in the price. It is designed to be hung from above, suspended, so you’ll need a beam or something solid to tie it onto with a piece of rope or carabina — not supplied but not difficult to get a hold of either. The first product on our list of the best pull-up bars of 2019 is this product from Opti. Our favourite thing about this product that stands it apart from some of its counterparts is the feel of the soft-grip pads. Since joining the company, she has become a qualified Personal Trainer and advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist. It even has a hoop for your punching bag to be attached to. A super classic design harking from your old school gymnasium, it’s time to refresh your outlook on this versatile piece of kit. While one of the benefits of a pull up bar is that it gives you a chance to work out a range of muscles without taking up a load of space, you can find versions that are home gyms unto themselves. The product holds 233 customer ratings to date, of which 89% are positive, and this really brings no surprise to us! Not to worry; this product can also be mounted more permanently to ensure that this doesn’t happen! Want to target as many different muscle groups as possible when you’re working out at home? If you click a link and buy a product we may earn revenue: this helps to support The Sun, and in no way affects our recommendations. This is a door mounted pull up bar which used the wizardry of physics, so there’s no screwing or any fixings required. The price difference is marginal too, so you can more or less just pick whichever will suit you and your door frames the best! If you're in search of a pull up bar and then some, this set with punching bag and gloves is value for money and lets you work your upper body strength in various ways, using the bar and the bag.


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