Having a larger mass of dough does help retain dough temperature and has other effects on fermentation, but I think the benefits of splitting into two loaves outweighs the cons. I don’t use rye flour, the starter is fed with organic wholemeal and for the levain and bread I use a mixture of organic wholemeal and organic white bread flour. ), I would like to at least bake the right amount of dough before tweaking to my taste. I use a large square cloche – not one that tightly fits the banneton like yours – perhaps the difference? If your oven heating element is at the bottom try raising your baking stone away from it as much as you can (make sure you can still easily access the DO lid!). I appreciate your devotion to answering all these comments. Happy baking! With this beginner’s sourdough bread process and formula, you can endlessly modify with add-ins like walnuts, cranberries, seeds, and a host of other ingredients bound only by your imagination. Let’s hope the dough doesn’t stick to the banneton. What else I love about the book is the variety of recipes to use my starter with so I don’t throw any of mine away. Maurizio A lot of peeps will benefit from it! We are waiting for our boules to cool a bit before cutting open. Sam, I haven’t yet been to Naples but it’s high on my list of places to go! This post might include affiliate links. Her book will have you confidently baking sourdough in no time. You can always attempt this later on, but smaller quantities of dough are easier to preshape and shape. Bravo! See my guide to the autolyse technique for more information on its benefits and uses. Yesterday I tried your beginner’s recipe which is very helpful especially the time table. I’ve subsequently attended one of Elaine’s excellent sourdough courses in her home, and learned so much that I now consider myself to be very accomplished at sourdough baking. The book includes everything you need to know to be able to make sourdough from scratch, plus my master recipe in full detail, with lots of additional tips; all of my hints and tips and FAQs in one place; plus over 60 recipes using whole grain and ancient grain flours.It is available for immediate delivery right now in some countries, and to pre order in others; there’s lots of links listed below which I hope is useful…happy baking! My husbands fave so far. You can speed up bulk by increasing the ambient temperature at which your dough is resting. It’s such a simple thing yet brings so much joy when family & friends tear into a freshly baked loaf. This one would have then tossing it all in the garbage right off the bat. Nothing to be scared of. If you followed my instructions above (and kept the dough near those temperatures) you most likely would not need that extra time. What I’m saying is if you want to make 1 loaf take all the ingredients in the Dough Formula and divide them by two. Ciao for now . Definitely an ‘art & science’ project combined. Maybe if you pick one up at the store or on Amazon it’ll list the max temperature on it? Place the combo cooker back in the oven and let it heat back up for 10-15 minutes. My guess is you didn’t have enough fermentation in your dough. I’ll be using organic sprouted white wheat flour and arrowhead mills organic rye, plus I have some whole wheat already on hand (can’t remember the brand). Use the “poke test” to determine when the dough is fully proofed and ready to bake. Ciao, Cristiano. Looking forward to using your tips and suggestions the next time I bake, Great to hear that, Karen, glad I put this up when I did! Combo Cooker — love it for more than just bread, it’s a workhorse in my kitchen. I would love to try again this weekend! For information on how I maintain my starter on a day-to-day basis, please take a look at my sourdough starter maintenance routine. I hope that helps! I’ve learned so much from your responses to others, too. I responded this way because the very first paragraph was misleading. Ah sorry to hear about that Steven! Thanks for taking time to respond to all comments with good advises. Awesome — sounds super delicious! Bread baking day! Absolutely nothing tastes or smells anything like authentic sourdough. As seen in the image below, lightly flour your hands and grab the bottom of the round and stretch it lightly downward towards your body and then up and over about 2/3 the way to the top. Oh wait, I successfully made 4 loaves a couple weekends ago, shared one with my neighbor. Are there any good tips for beginners to do pre-shape? I highly recommend Central Milling’s Artisan Bakers Craft (Plus) flour, it’s really good stuff. Your dough should hold its shape on the counter after you do your final shaping and should be nice and smooth on top. Hi Maurizio – followed your instructions – baked my second batch of sourdough bread – and SUCCESS!!!! If the thought of keeping a sourdough starter alive seems downright scary to you, you need this book. Happy baking, Mary. Ie: the dough formula calls for 748g of bread flour but my levain has 40g of bread flour in it already, so should I only be using 708g of bread flour for the autolyse stage? As long as your starter is rising and falling predictably it should be strong enough to bake with, and it sounds like it is by your description of bulk fermentation with bubbles and rise. I tried this recipe without a dutch oven and it turned out pretty good, though the crust wasn’t perfect. Plan to buy the Lodge combo you recommended ASAP, but as a teacher heading into a no-pay summer, I have to watch my spending! The fermentation process during this step is critical. Next I want to go back to mostly white bread flour and incorporate some black garlic I just made, maybe with walnuts or dry cured black olives. A levain is composed of a ratio of bacteria and yeast and is essentially flour that has been pre-fermented. Glad I found your website. You’re right, SD can be overwhelming at first, even this post went on longer than I’d hoped but the fact is there are a lot of moving parts to doing this type of SD. It’s addicting, for sure , omg second try at this was phenomenal!! Not only does it initiate enzymatic activity in the dough which helps draw out sugars from the flour, but it also increases its extensibility (the ability for the dough to stretch out without tearing). My bread didn’t work out, and I thought you might have some tips. and I find even a 30 minute auto helps. I plan to have some videos up for each of these steps soon, that will definitely make things more clear. Wow! Then, retard10 in the refrigerator at 38°F (3°C) for 16 hours. Just doing what I can to help, and inspire . My hands and bench knife always dither over the wobbly dough! Do you have an oven thermometer? The cold temperatures of your refrigerator will slow fermentation down significantly. I’m American and drank a glass of wine while reading this and unfortunately, all the measurements just swam together in my head. Used a bread flour this time, did more stretch folds, a bit longer bulk, and I mixed the dough using the slap folds you had in one of your other posts. Sorry if my questions seem a bit confusing. So far, I was usually sticking to Tartine recipe but your method really made a difference. is 8 hours to long for the levin and is 5 hours to short for the resting. Our stories of ‘sanity saving sourdough’ during lockdown 2020…. Thanks again . my post on what a levain is and how it’s different from a sourdough starter, The Importance of Dough Temperature in Baking, read through my introduction to baker’s percentages, guide on how to bake bread in a dutch oven, https://www.instagram.com/p/BGBS7hQINNn/?taken-by=helloiamako, http://twitter.com/sdehandt/status/725796606902153216/photo/1, Bob’s Red Mill Stoneground Whole Wheat Flour, Mature sourdough starter (100% hydration), Water (this has 50g less than the overall formula, reserved for Mix step below), Reserved water (this water was held back in the Autolyse step), Mature, 100% hydration levain (from Levain, above), two medium-sized kitchen bowls to proof your dough. Her recipes are simple to follow, foolproof, and utterly delicious. Still delicious though. I did a 2.5 hour autolyse of flour+water. I wanted to bake every day of every week. We’re up pretty high too , Hey Maurizio–magnificent! Her recipes are simple to follow, foolproof, and utterly delicious.


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