The Christians as Thyatira were commended for their works, love, service, faith, and patience. Many churches fit this description. Seek The Old Paths - Back Issues of the Plumline by Wayne Coats. If they did not repent, the Lord would fight against them with the sword of His mouth, the Word. Get Free Conservative Bible Study Lessons now and use Conservative Bible Study Lessons immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping Also, be sure to sign up for the email list so I can communicate directly with you about interesting updates and useful materials. We cannot allow our struggle to become a battle for the sake of a battle. A hard, but needed lesson. I invite you to grab your Bible and start reading the articles, listening to the podcast, taking quizzes, watching videos, or taking quizzes.Also, be sure to sign up for the email list so I can communicate directly with you about interesting updates and useful materials. Christian Book Distributors is a behemoth in the book business. Suitable for believers of all ages. The Lord would carry them through and the faithful were promised a crown of life. The Online Version of the Printed Edition. This church was riding the fence. The Lord told them to repent of allowing members to hold such false doctrines. . Psa. Sign up for my email newsletter and receive a series of 12 articles summarizing the Book of Revelation. A church today may not be the exact duplicate of one of these churches, but the principles and or facts found among them are found today. One with a conservative mindset will be content with this. Many consider the Conservative Bible Project, as well as any other Bible translation projects, to be heretical and in opposition to Matthew 5:18, which was fulfilled in the King James Bible. If you’d like additional Bible study content for the free videos mentioned above, including Scripture verses and discussion questions, you can start a free trial membership of Publishes "Discovery" for Kids. Apologetics Press - Professional Publication. Those who held fast would be rewarded for their faith. All God's Word For You Bible Studies are written from a reformed, conservative, evangelical perspective that upholds the historic fundamentals of the Christian faith. The good at Ephesus is what many religious people find as bad today. Every four years, the nation focuses on the national political arena, studies two candidates and two agendas, then decides between them in a presidential election. There are a few things that stand out in these letters that will help us as we examine the churches of today, including the one of which we are a member. The faithful would receive the “hidden manna,” heaven. There is no collective organization among the churches of Asia. This service will give you access to that Bible study content (as well as hundreds more studies with video), along with the ability to customize each study for your group’s unique needs.


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