Polythene nettings could be used to prevent the escape of the crabs. Abundant and good quality of water is required for commercial mud crab fattening business. that you also need to strengthen the bund with fence in the future. Each of these cages should be provided with a lid to prevent the escape of crabs. Our technology is very much in the developmental stage but there have been a lot of people who are willing to try it and want to diversify.”. With their high growth rate, then the farmer is SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department. Drifting seaweed, logs and other debris should be removed to facilitate easy circulation of water and prevent damage to the cages. The pens could be made nearer to the dykes for easy stocking and monitoring. They are sold alive and can stay out of the water even for a week. The crab were fed three times a day at a rate of 5-8 per cent of bodyweight. That is one of the reason why a lot Some fishermen may decide to farm crabs and some farmers may diversify their ponds by adding crab production. Fattening System. Water exchange could be tidally controlled. There is a huge demand for live mud crabs in export markets even this business can skyrocket in near future after the prawns (shrimp) and lobsters. You can also drill down into salmon farming and start producing commercial quantities. Water exchange in the pond is carried through tidal water and sluice gates are used for the purpose. the fattening method. eggs. A diet of pelleted finfish is given during the first week at 15 percent of body weight, followed by small, aquacultured koi from week two until harvest. And the culture of choice is mud crabs due to its lower vulnerability to pest and viral attacks and the prospect of high returns, reasons similar to what farmers say in neighbouring Satkhira district. The crab were fattened for 10-15 days and a growth increment of 110g/crab was achieved. Shrimp Farming I have built a 500,000 gal RAS raceway and hatchery. Those production methods are the growing method as well as The cages could be made without cells inside. However, you buy crab seed for commercial farming from crab hatcheries or at any central marine fisheries. Stocking and feeding in cages. Shrimps and crabs are the third largest foreign exchange earner for Bangladesh, which runs a huge trade deficit of USD 8.62 billion. thank you for your time and stay safe You could reduce the cost of land and labor when running the crab farming business, and commercial quantities could be produced in a small area. The crabs could be harvested after 4 – 7 months. You have entered an incorrect email address! Crab fattening can be carried out in Cell-type Cane Cages of 1m (L) X 1m (W) X 20 cm(H) size, which can be partitioned into nine equal compartments. The nylon screen fencing should be supported with split bamboos of 1.5-meter height around the pond periphery for preventing the escape of the crabs from climbing over the bunds. The price of mud crab is from 150 to 200 Rs at the farm gate. HatcheryThe current research program is based on a three-phased approach: hatchery production, intermediate raceway grow-out and a final grow-out in quarter-acre ponds to a soft crab or a live bait crab for recreational fishing. Mud crab fattening is widely practiced here because of financial assistance under the LEADBuklod Yaman Project of the Department of Agriculture.


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