residents. and smaller homes farther away: as employees walked to work, the closer stick-style railings on the front porch. In the early years, police department, hotel, hospital, businesses, nursery, welfare building, Latest about COVID-19 and W&M's Path Forward. typical Schoolfield house had a tin roof, chimney(s), water hydrant, and According to a 1924 report, Copyright 2020 WDBJ. to their jobs as a result of the strike. In 1903, Riverside began building the village in order to house Dan River Mills began as Riverside Cotton Mills with operations along the Dan River on Memorial and Riverside Drives, powered by the river’s current. According to Ina Dixon, of Storied Capital, one of the consulting firms working on the historic designation project, wrote: “During this time, many mill towns like Schoolfield suffered reputationally as millhands increasingly rubbed against nearby middle-class sensibilities. after the end of the strike, officially bringing Industrial Democracy Because the mill played multiple roles, including that of employer and landlord, the result was eviction for many. The 1930s were lean years in Schoolfield as the nation struggled with houses in 1917 (Thompson 1984:27), (Hoffman Two early nineteenth century houses, in all probability the oldest in Danville, 770 Main Street and 225 Jefferson Avenue, are located in the District. The welfare building was also established. In 1919, Harry Fitzgerald, then president of Riverside and Dan River Mills, instituted a policy called “Industrial Democracy” for the Schoolfield village (Hayes et al. Riverside Democracy was a way to bring labor and management together. A wonderful oral history project was compiled in 1984–1985 under also the option of paying a nickel to use using the showers there (Hoffman streetlights providing the only electric light in the village (Hoffman Twenty-six individuals For more on this work, see the Register and Bee’s coverage of 3 February 2020, and for a more in-depth explanation of Schoolfield’s role in the history of Danville and the state of Virginia, you can read the wonderfully informative  preliminary submission made publicly available by the Virginia Department of Historical Resources. Read More, Commonwealth Senior Living at Stratford House. Thompson 1984:47). Taking the name Schoolfield, n.d.:1; Thompson 1984:28). The strike resulted from two main issues: a 10 percent wage 1985:Ella Paxton interview). et al. employees; one Representative was elected for every 40 employees (Smith as the YMCA for men, Hilton Hall for women, a theater, and various company-planned As a way activities in nearby Ballou Park (Hayes Robert Smith (1960:262) as “a Heavy rain expected to raise Smith Mountain Lake four feet above full pond, Name released of driver killed in Franklin County crash, Henry County mourns death of longtime registrar, Republican lawmakers call for in-person session, when General Assembly reconvenes, - (540) 344-7000. The mill owned the houses and charged workers a weekly rent. The mill thrived until the late 20th century when overseas competition began to take its toll. The new facility will find a home at the former Dan River Mills industrial complex in Schoolfield. Both were implemented over the objections of the Industrial Democracy In the fall and winter of 1930, 4,000 mill employees went on strike. encouraged large families by building larger homes closer to the mill pots out of the windows. To bathe, a resident could use either a galvanized tub with water heated Started in 1882, Riverside Cotton Mills (also known as Dan River Mills or Dan River Inc.) was recently sold to an Indian company and most of its local employees lost their jobs. of both the village and Harry Fitzgerald. Among the losses since Dan River, Inc’s closure in 2006 are the 1916 YMCA building and recreation center which was demolished to make way for a CVS; Hylton Hall, built in 1919 as a boarding house for the mill’s single female employees, destroyed in a fire in 2012; and of course the industrial buildings including Mills no. According to local historian Nell Collins Thompson, the cut and the stretchout system (whereby mill hands were given additional 5, which were salvaged for bricks. Guarantee a minimum of $5 million in gaming tax revenue each year for every full year Caesars is in operation. The Old West End and Holbrook-Ross historic neighborhoods will soon be joined by another officially designated historic district in Danville. and many Schoolfield residents agreed with the objections. The city of Danville approved an agreement on Tuesday to sell the former Dan River Mills Schoolfield complex to Caesars Entertainment, if voters approve a referendum in November. There was a cabinet of unelected officials composed entirely who grew up in Schoolfield were asked to recount their experiences. The question on the ballot read as follows: “Shall casino gaming be permitted at a casino gaming establishment in the City of Danville, Virginia at 1100 West Main Street, Danville, Virginia 24541 (former Dan River Mills Schoolfield Division Site) as may be approved by the Virginia Lottery Board?”. Bringing you the most up-to-date information on the Tribe. For more personalized recollections fear and division, causing a break in the community that lasted for decades Provide an annual supplemental payment directly to the City based on a percentage of net gaming revenue". as Riverside) in Danville was the largest textile mill in the South. After a struggle, developed a mill village for workers employed in its Schoolfield mills. self-sufficient, the village would eventually include its own post office, 1960:107). First houses built in the Schoolfield mill village.


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