She and Hook watch the tape of her and Lily... followed by a tape which reveals that the Snow Queen used to be Emma's foster mother. Her parents refuse while Regina considers taking Henry and Robin, then deciding that she'd rather stay and help her friends as she witnesses her father ascend Mount Olympus. Emma wonders if there could ever be a Dark One to use their powers for good, but Merlin tells her not to let such thoughts tempt her, pointing out that if they are successful in destroying the darkness then they won't have to ask that much of anyone. Matters worsen though, for Emma receives a text from Granny regarding the well-beings of the Charmings, Hook and Zelena. When Cora tries to rip Snow's heart, as a gift for her daughter, Emma pushes her mother away and stands in her place. From Once Upon a Time season 3, episode 5, "Good Form. In the past, Snow makes a wish that grants the entire Enchanted Forest to use the gift of Song to defeat Regina, which also spreads to Oz as well. Hades is about to use the Olympian Crystal to "end" Regina, but Robin steps in front of her, taking the blow, which kills him. Henry is shocked to learn that he has a father, mad at Emma for lying to him, and she follows him to comfort him. Emma then plans to reach out to Regina and tell her that she is leaving, and will only be seeing Henry occasionally, but the Mayor has a different plan of her own: to put Emma in a state of permanent sleep with a poisoned turnover made from the apple that cursed Snow White. Fearing Henry would never be truly hers if Emma is still in the picture and knowing that if she kills her, the curse would automatically be broken, Regina tries to put Emma in a sleeping curse by feeding her an apple turnover, made with the same poisoned apple that she fed Snow White. Emma also learns that Gold has Hook's heart and she gets it back and puts it back in him. As he's arrested, he claims to know what's going on with her hand tremors - a symptom of the visions - and so, after a talk with Archie where he states that her problems need a lot of time and hard work, she decides to get a quick fix by visiting Hyde and demanding to know what's happening to her. August soon turns up and tells them of the Apprentice, who Hook knows is trapped in the hat, and the Blue Fairy frees him. ("Birth"), When Emma finally finds Hook, he is talking to the vision of Rumplestiltskin, who's in the middle of trying to convince him to cast a Dark Curse so that he can return to Storybrooke and finally claim his revenge on Gold. Gideon retreats, proclaiming this far from over. To her shock, it isn't a man like she expected, but rather Merlin's first true love Nimue. With her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter Lucy, Emma congratulates Regina on her happy beginning as Regina gives an eulogy. As she is magically sucked by the sudden vortex, she tells him not to fail his next one. The Snow Queen soon leaves, having what she wants, but an angry Regina leaves too, not wanting to be around Emma. Hook then has a drink with Emma, and shows interest in knowing more about her. Regina claims to be the Savior in Emma's stead, so that her darkness can be hidden from Arthur, Guinevere and the people of Camelot. They visit Mother Superior to see if she would be able to change him back, however, she reveals that as August has not been a good boy, what's happening to him is his own fault and can only be stopped by him. She also sends Hook to look for Regina at the vault. He tells her that if she wants answers then she need only follow the red bird, and it will lead her to one of his friends whom he brought with him. She tries convincing Emma to kill Merlin, forcing her to strangle the Sorcerer with a single hand, yelling in her ear the entire time. She goes on to explain that she earlier stormed Ingrid's lair and discovered a mirror imbued with much dark magic, and Rumple told her that, which this mirror, the Snow Queen plans to cast a spell of shattered sight, which will cause every resident of Storybrooke to turn on each other. Emma does battle with him while Regina heads inside, but he knocks her out and then goes to kill Henry. Gold managed to undo the potion's effects and save Belle in the process, meaning he's now the hero that Emma needs. Emma finally opens her mind about magic and touches Henry's storybook where she gets visions about her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming and she finally believes in magic. To carry out Regina's plan, they'll need to dangle Henry in front of the Queen as bait, which he is happy to do since he could use a distraction from the nerve-wracking experience that is asking Violet to the school dance. After a stint in prison, she cleaned up her act and made success as a bail bonds collector, but still she felt as though something was missing from her life... that is, until Henry Mills - the son she gave up for adoption ten years prior - showed up at her door on her 28th birthday in order to bring her home to Storybrooke, where all the cursed victims were trapped in time and he believed her to be the only one who could save them. The flight to New York soon boards and Emma takes a seat between Henry and Gold, she asks the former if he's okay and he replies that his first flight is a real-life adventure, saying he couldn't be better. Though reluctantly, the Dark Swan does, and is thus reverted from the Dark Swan and back into the woman she once was. She stops by the docks to leave Henry with Hook where he is saddened to hear that, once Zelena is out of the way, she and Henry will be returning to New York. Emma, with no memories of Storybrooke or her parents, asks him to leave, which he kisses her, hoping to stir up her memories. Before Emma can contact Regina, however, she receives a message from David, who thinks he's found the Witch and is going after her. However, unaware to her, she also brings a previously deceased Maid Marian to the future, shattering her growing friendship with Regina, whom Emma hopes will accept her as a friend despite their differences. She drapes her friend's cloak over her body and deduces that Emma's vision was actually just warning her to help Red. Later, David is saved by Hook using magic healing waters from the island, and they return, with the prince alive and well, and the women still with no idea of what happened. Arthur announces that their arrival was foretold by Merlin and the entourage escort the residence of Storybrooke and Merida to his castle and Merlin. Their conversation is interrupted when they see that Zelena's time portal is open, and when they go to investigate, they are sucked in and end up in the Enchanted Forest of the past. Regina is summoned by Rumple and the Queens of Darkness, who expect her to bring them the page that contains the Author. The pawnbroker then tells the blonde that she must cast the protection spell herself, which she succeeds at after managing to channel magic via her emotions, without thought. While the two are waiting for a bus, Emma thinks out loud about having magic like Harry Potter. She rips her son's heart out of Pan, leaving him for dead, and then places it back into Henry's chest, aboard the Jolly Roger, where everyone is set to leave. After she bonds with Henry, Regina fears that she may want him back and so repeatedly warns Emma to stay away from them, telling him that she is his mother, not Emma. Dislikes When she settles in, the tower's clock moves for the first time in a long time - a sign that things are about to change. They manage to patch things up and make it to Granny's where everyone's been worried sick about them, having returned there after forming a failed search party. After Regina kisses Henry and breaks the second curse, everyone's memories are restored. That night, celebrations are held at Granny's Diner, during which time Emma gives Henry back his book of fairytales, surprised by his stale reaction, and is asked out by Neal, whom her parents push her towards. Later, Emma comforts a silent Regina from outside the mayoral office, promising to help her find a happy ending. It is suggested that they allow Greg to succumb to his injuries and die to stop the exposure of magic which he may have already seen thanks to Gold and Dr. Whale reveals that this would be easy, however, the Charmings decide against it. When it comes time for Henry to go to bed, Emma is further surprised when he wants to go home with Regina, and the blonde becomes convinced that something is up with the child. Emma is worried about the times ahead... and that is before she even learns that an outsider has in fact crashed into town. She returns Emma and Elsa's memories and they grow sad to see her die, wanting to find another way, but Ingrid appears content, and rejoices over the fact that she can now join her true sisters. After Mary Margaret wakes up, horrified to have learnt that David put himself under a sleeping curse as well, Emma is forced to comfort her and get her to calm down... until they realize that Mulan's run off with the compass. He agrees, with her dubbing it Operation Cobra, Part 2, and the pair of them use a locator spell to find the dreamcatchers at the top of the clock tower. Regina asks Emma what she ever did to her to deserve having her steal everything she holds dear, and Emma provokes Regina by telling her that maybe she is to blame for people running from her. Slender, beautiful, fair skin, pink lips, long wavy blonde hair, hazel eyes, a flower tattoo on her left wrist ("Ill-Boding Patterns"), Snow and Henry are the first to learn of Hook and Emma's engagement when the latter heads over to the loft in order to announce it, and both are thrilled for her. To get it back, they must first get Henry and Pan back into their own bodies, but to perform a spell so powerful, they're going to need the wand of the Black Fairy. David gives Hook credit for saving him nevertheless - coming up with a fake scenario in which the saving occurred - and Emma thanks the pirate... who asks for further gratification, indicating a make-out session. Emma's mind goes first to Tamara, still believing her to be August's "she", and so she decides to search her room again. The Queen is then discovered holding Jasmine captive at Granny's Diner, now in possession of the genie lamp which houses Aladdin as its genie. He tries grilling her for information but she refuses to divulge anything, instead proceeding to shock him by suggesting that they continue with a functional relationship. Neal begins to be sucked down it as Emma grabs on, telling him that due to his bullet wound he'll end up dead no matter what land he turns up in. After manipulating Queen Regina, who he had blinded with revenge, into enacting the Dark Curse upon the enchanted lands Rumplestiltskin tricked Cinderella into imprisoning him with good magic so he could manipulate Charming and Snow into creating a magic wardrobe that would allow Emma to escape the curse and travel to Land Without Magic.


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