It is important that both parties are protected. I have recently contracted a lot of weddings, I have yet to encounter a cancellation fee issue. event as follows: In the event of Joe Smoe Weddings taking another wedding booking for your cancelled or postponed date a full refund of your monies paid minus the non-refundable retaining fee shall be made. C.)Notice of cancellation less than 180 days prior to contracted date will result in a refund of 0% of the total deposit. An apology should also be made for the cancellation … If the client cancels, any remaining or unpaid fees are pro-rated up until the date of cancellation. You agree that this liquidated damages clause in this agreement is a reasonable effort by you and It is their livelihood so you may lose your deposits. We love sharing the incredible work of our Aisle Planners on our blog! They had been creating some issues for us and, had we gone through with it, we would have sent them a cancelation contract, asked them to sign and return it. Skylar, YES! I have a situation were my wedding planner fired herself. Nice article! Please submit all inquires here. How to Handle an Event Cancellation during the COVID-19 Pandemic. PA reserves the right to terminate this Service Agreement by written notice for any accounts past due 30 days. And though no one ever wants to have a contact cancelled on them, it happens. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that large events and gatherings of 50 or more people, scheduled … Down-grading services once this agreement has been signed by both parties will not be honored. You must understand that this is a person’s job, they pay their electric bill, mortgage… from the fees they take in. But you are totally right! Also I have nothing in writing and I haven’t signed anything. For example, my payment plans require a 20% deposit on booking, a second payment of 40% of the balance total at the halfway mark and the final 40% ten days before the event. Yes everyone knows that but yet not everyone does it. In this case, the total fees chargeable shall be the fee which applies at that time. All cancellations to this contract requires written notification either by mail or email. If a client wants to cancel an agreement with us, we would have them sign a release of contract. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Have first hand experience with this? There shall be no refund of deposits due to the reservation of the wedding date. If you are interested in submitting an event or editorial article, click here. The Bridal Masterclass Experience is an innovative take on wedding pro education incorporating all forms of learning to maximize the application and integration of new ideas and change the trajectory of your business. I will say vendors are more apt to release you from the contract if you are honest and upfront about what is going on. Here I am 3 months before my wedding and she cant provided me with responsible charges to keep my deposit. Thanks for your great content. What good is education if what you learn doesn't change your life. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for your comments. Be confident in your work! Breathtakers Events. The best examples of emails to cancel event. damages are received. Questions? Policies will vary from event planner to event … Your email address will not be published. I have had to re-negotiate and cancel my share of contracts so here is a bit of advice I hope you will follow. Cancellation requests must be made in writing. Any advice for planners who are in the process of writing their cancellation policies? I hope that you come to a resolution and that your wedding is still an amazing day for you! OK, so no one goes into planning a wedding thinking something is going to happen but let me tell you it does. I have a wonderful list of repeat clients who cheer me on so often that a pity party would have been shameful. I know that you probably know that already but we forget this is a vendor’s livelihood. My cancellation policy requires seven days written notice, from either party – myself or the client. Love that y’all are sharing insights on the “ugly” sides of event planning. We also spoke with Emma of Sparrow Weddings and Events about her cancellation policy. Want to use this article in your E-zine or website? upon the aforementioned cancellation policy will be mailed to you within thirty (30) business days. by Wedding Professionals for Wedding Professionals. What if the unthinkable happens? If Joe Smoe Weddings is unable to rebook a wedding of equal or greater value for said wedding client is responsible for 100% of monies due from the original contract. Well what if you just change your mind? Thanks again. People are crazy today and you have to protect yourself from the unthinkable. Aisle Planner Editorial Team | Even if it costs you a couple hundred dollars, that is money well spent because it’s better than having to hire a lawyer in case something happens and then pay lawyer’s fees. TRAGIC, of course vendors understood. Running a wedding planning business is hard work and it is so important to talk about the real effort that goes into everything! Cancellation Policy from Aisle Planner Founder Christina Farrow: Should the Client elect, for whatever reason, to cancel this agreement, Client hereby agrees to provide a written notice of intent to cancel this agreement. Step-by-step guide to write an event cancellation email. COMMUNICATE! The cancellation clause is there to protect the vendor. If the client cancels, any remaining  or unpaid fees are pro-rated up until the date of cancellation. Any and all cancellations will result in the forfeiture of the non-refundable retainer deposit for the event. After a period of 14 days from the date of signing the contract, as compensation for loss of income for Joe Smoe Weddings the following charges apply as a percentage of the total fee due. Interested in working with us? So you’re getting married, keep it in perspective and enjoy the moment. our services to others and will incur additional costs in attempting to book our services for the date reserved for your event. *Please note: We are providing these examples to showcase what other wedding industry professionals are utilizing. Cancellation and abandonment Policy wording Organisers cancellation and abandonment wording 7613 03/09 4 of 4 Definitions Abandoned The inability to complete any or all of the insured event(s) once commenced. We once had a bride with a tragic story; the groom was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died six months before they could even be married. Simple Elegance Events and Wedding Designs serving Central Illinois. Now can you see why you have to read the cancellation policy! So what can you do if the unthinkable happens? The key to event cancellation coverage is in the wording of a property’s insurance policy. Hi If you lie to them and get nasty you will not only lose your deposit but you can be held responsible for the entire amount booked. Here is a sample of a cancellation clause; In the event this agreement is canceled by you, you agree that we will have lost the opportunity to offer So read your contracts, understand the terms and if something happens deal with it by communicating with your vendors and being honest. You can be proactive and ask a vendor to modify the cancellation policy, they just might but be prepared to live with what you negotiate. Sharmaine 2 Event Cancellation Insurance Gross Revenue Policy Wording Event Cancellation Insurance Gross Revenue, Policy Wording, Australia. The Art of Planning. Do you know what to do? Curtailed The insured event … In providing notice of cancellation you must provide a written notice along with a copy of your signed agreement. You wouldn’t tolerate that from your boss so you can understand why a vendor has to be protected. She did  lose some deposits but really everyone was so kind. Client may cancel Agreement by giving written notice to Planner. If you book a date with them most wedding vendors handle only a few clients per weekend, so with that said once you book they turn people away obviously for that date. In the event that an agreement is cancelled, all work ceases at the seven day mark. Planner hereby reserves and retains the right to cancel any and all of the above Services with or without cause by providing written notice to Client. B. Simple Elegance2105 Eastland Drive, Suite 9Bloomington, IL 61704, (309), Simple Elegance Copyright 2017 - Site Design by HolleHock Designs | the insite given on cancelled contracts was very helpful. We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying what we are sharing , Your email address will not be published. On the contract it states ONLY if the bride cancel will my deposit not be given to me. Welcome to the Aisle Planner blog — an inspiring space to share industry insights and connect with the Aisle Planner community. I do have a policy, however, after the infomation I’ve just read I will be making some changes. She said: My cancellation policy requires seven days written notice, from either party – myself or the client. August 23, 2016 | Yes, cancellations are never fun and definitely a downer. Sign up today to receive the latest news and updates from Aisle Planner! In the event of Joe Smoe Weddings taking another wedding booking for your cancelled or postponed date a full  refund of your monies paid minus the non-refundable retaining fee shall be made. Learn how to craft polished and professional images, how to compose with intention, affordable solutions for lighting, our go-to equipment and apps, how to use filters to make your images pop, and how to create a cohesive on-brand aesthetic. We did have an event where we almost had to cancel a contract with a client. )Notice of cancellation received more than 180 days prior to event will result in a refund of 25% of your total deposit. Javascript appears to be disabled in your browser. Required fields are marked *. In fact, this experience can show your opportunities for growth, and may form the foundation for a very successful event … If a new date isn’t set, be clear about your intentions to continue or not reschedule the event immediately, Social Media Crisis Management: PR Communication Stategy, Crisis Communications for Coronavirus / COVID-19, How to Deal With Office Closures amid COVID-19, Handling Layoffs and Impacted Hourly Workers as an Effect of Covid-19, What Is a Communications Plan and How to Create your Own, Growing Gourmet: Key Takeaways from 5WPR’s Food and Beverage Event, “Pink for a Purpose”: 5W Breast Cancer Event Raises Awareness and Funds, Using PR to Successfully Promote Your Next Big Event, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Detail your continuing communication plan, Create a channel for direct communication and communicate it. us to agree in advance on the damages that we will suffer due to a cancellation. It should contain the reason of the cancellation and when the event will take place in the near future. If Joe Smoe Weddings is unavailable all monies are non refundable and payment if required in full. Never say Never, things in life happen so the time to prepare for any possible changes is in the beginning. amount of our damage will be difficult to determine. We will not consider notice of cancellation valid and will not release you from the full amount due under the agreement until payment of the liquidated In the event of past due or non payment of fees as indicated in the Payment Schedule, PA reserves the right to cease services until the account is brought current. We had the lawyer who did our contracts make one for us. No one wants to talk about cancellations or unhappy clients, but it’s such a blessing to have a resource that’s diving into the messy + giving us a road map out. An event cancellation letter is a formal letter and so has to be written with great professionalism. )Your deposit is 100% transferable to another date based on TOM VENDOR’S  availability without penalty.


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