J.C Bach Andantino from Sonata in C Trio. To comment: Flute Solo with Orchestra or Flute Solo with Band repertoire lists, Orchestral Flute I, Flute III, Flute III/picc parts online purchasing of flute orch parts, Most commonly requested Orchestral Excerpts in Auditions, Alto Flute, Bass Flute Repertoire lists online, Alto Flute Selected Graded Repertoire list. if (yr!=2003) p: 1.800.345.6296 Jennifer Cluff's Graded repertoire list of flute repertoire favourites. Recorded round repertoire for all applicants: C Flute - Georges Hue: Fantaisie pour flute et piano (Billaudot) Recorded round repertoire if applicant wishes to perform on piccolo, alto, bass, or contrabass: Piccolo - Vincent Persichetti: … interesting. Leonard Garrison (flute) Jen Cluff (flute) Dmitry Varelas (flute) Trevor Wye (flute) Dr. Elaine (oboe) University of Northern Iowa (clarinet) University of New Mexico (clarinet) Midwest Clinic Conference (2003) Wind Quintet repertoire list (ww5) Steven Mauk (saxophone)   37 BERKELEY, L 1st movt. - Quantz Sonatas, ------------------------ - Gaubert Three Pieces [Romance, Berceuse, Sur L'Eau] - Published by Masters Music - Telemann Fantasias Comprehensive Repertoire list for Alto/Bass Flute: --------------------------------------------------------------------------, Contemporary-New Age pieces for solo alto flute & piano: Cecilia McDowall A Russian Encounter: no.2 from 'Soundtracks' (Hunt Edition HE51/Spartan Press) Cerulli: Dance of the Reed Flutes, Mendelssohn: Hark! - Doppler Flote im Salon [Op. Bedfordshire Woodwind Academy Flute Ensemble An award-winning group of amateur flute players who meet regularly on a Monday evening during term-time. Click on: II and III) Pieces with an "(O)" originally for flute and orchestra. Orchestral Flute Parts online for purchase: Full orchestral flute parts: - Georges Barrere Nocturne Yoroiguma: Bohemian Rhapsody ARNOLD 1st movt, Allegro from Sonatina (Lengnick/Elkin) This catchy theme from the original TV series is sure to be a hit with your performers and audiences. Answer:In the Canadian flute exam system, the pieces you are looking for would be grade 7-9, in order to prepare the student to go from Godard's Idylle (grade 8) to Faure's Fantasie (grade 10). 5, Puccini/arr. Suite J, #291 Paige Dashner Long arranged the finale from Dvorak's "New World" Symphony for the 2014 Metropolitan Flute Orchestra tour to Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Ensemble Workbook. - Caplet Reverie et Petite Valse Kalmus First Flute parts are available at www.fluteworld.com. 20, this arrangement is written for 2 piccolos, 3 flutes, 3 alto flutes, bass flute and optional contrabass and contra alto flute. - John Rutter Suite Antique - Briccaldi - Carnival of Venice [Note: Ransom Wilson edition is easier than other editions]. 7209 E WT Harris Blvd Complete flute parts from most typical orchestral repertoire can be found at: 4. Flute Quartet, Quintet, Flute Choir sheetmusic in print. Also see: List of flute orchestral excerpt books. Corigliano Voyage Opus numbers omitted unless necessary for identification. FAQs, Terms of Service | Privacy | Accessibility Statement | Site Map ------------------------------ It lists music for Flute Alone, Flute & Piano, Duets, Trios, and Flute Choir. ----------------------- Fluteworthy. - Massenet Meditation from Thais There are plenty of good works both accompanied and unaccompanied that prepare the student for the French Composer's book. Have fun checking out all this repertoire for your students. Ensemble Repertoire. Fluteworthy. We play a full repertoire of music from classical favourites to jazz and pop, and perform regularly at a variety of events throughout the year. - Saint-Saens Romance Online Flute Repertoire lists for University level flutists, Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) grades 9-10-ARCT (older syllabus titles), Trinity College Flute Exam repertoire lists, National Flute Association's Graded repertoire and etude guides for Flute: Repertoire ‾ Etudes. This title may be easily recognized as the theme used in Ken Burns' TV chronicle The Civil War. Gilliam Sentience What I’ve tried to list here is music that I like and think is well-written and well-scored for flute ensembles. University repertoire lists for performance majors: John Wion's University Level Suggested Repertoire, Links for locating unusual or hard to find flute sheet music. var d=new Date(); Check your email for the Zoom link. Check for 'most commonly ordered Alto/Bass Solos when making Go to: There are many different ways to approach programming for flute choir. - Michael C. Baker Sonata for Flute and Piano (1975) article, --------------- from Sonatina - Ibert Aria inquiry. yr=d.getFullYear(); Quartets for Four C Flutes. Music selection is a very personal thing. Cerulli: Dance of the Reed Flutes 107, Five Pieces from Album for the Young Op.79 (2002), Trio for flute, oboe, and clarinet (1961), "High Wire Act", for Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (2005), "About a Mountain", for Flute and Mezzo Soprano (2011), "Constellations", for Flute and Percussion (2012), "Vega and Altair" (2012), a suite for flute, violin, cello and harp, Chamber Symphony no. American composer Howard Hansen, born to Swedish immigrants in Nebraska, was one of the leaders of American Romanticism in classical composition. Includes: Brennan of the Moor, The Boys of Bluehill; The Rakes of Mallow; Irish Washerwoman; Twisting the Hayrope; Londonderry Air. (Leduc/U.M.P.) Great contrast is demonstrated in this, This is a fun traditional Welsh carol that lends itself well to a six part ensemble. Vaughn Williams Suite de Ballet There seems to be a bit of a gap there where some new titles would be helpful to me as a teacher. POULENC 2nd movt, Cantilena, from Sonata (Chester/Music - Honegger Danse de la Chevre Mark Goddard Flutata: 2nd movt, Andante; from 'Flute - Busser Les Cygnes et les Ecureuils 1. Look for: Please select a flute music category: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel: Traditional Colin Matthews Little Pavane  Unbeaten Tracks for Flute (Faber). My taste is pretty eclectic, so I like to program a variety of styles of music. Alto & Bass Flute For casual gigs, it’s important to have a lot of music that’s easy to put together, but sounds good. In this arrangement, we hear church bells chiming, voices uniting. This versatile arrangement will be a really snappy addition to your repertoire! Clog Dance, originally written for piano, is a, From Swan Lake, Op. Puccini/arr. An award-winning group of amateur flute players who meet regularly on a Monday evening during term-time.


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