You can turn those slow times into some of your busiest hours by offering specific discounts and specials. Special events are a great way to get people into your business. Want more than five articles a month? Ideally, people can purchase dinner for two or four at a discounted rate if they also purchase event tickets. Even if you don’t have televisions, you can still offer special events and celebratory parties that will draw the local public to your business. Many restaurants find that Mondays and Tuesdays are slower than other days of the week. You could try the local television news or even morning radio shows. 22. You should also include sign up links on your website and any relevant social media pages, from Snapchat to Facebook. Have a well-thought-out business plan on-hand to share, so investors can read more if they’d like to. Yelp, for example, will allow you to upload a menu to the website so that customers can order as soon as they find you online. When Robert Earl invests, it's because he believes the concept is something that can become huge. Anita du Toit, Franchising Plus: “There is no formal network of angel investors in South Africa. If you are any more rural area, having free Wi-Fi could actually make you a destination for customers. Need tips for pitching a food concept to investors? Today, he's also dabbling in the world of casual dining, as owner of Italian chain Buca di Beppo and sandwich chain Earl of Sandwich. In the age of Shark Tank, any entrepreneur knows the number one rule of pitching is to come with your financial figures ready. Similarly, Happy Hour discounts are often used to draw in customers at times that are usually slow for your business. "Don't take it personally," she says. Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment - Thank you!!! However, many of the common ways people think of to grow their business are too involved or expensive to be practical. If you have televisions in your space, consider hosting special event nights related to sporting events, like the Super Bowl. Jonathon Henderson is the owner of Better Bistro Media, a Georgia SEO Agency, that helps businesses increase their presence on the digital landscape to drive leads and sales. Business owners may try many ideas that not only cost money but also prove ineffective at long-term improvement. Local food culture has never been as trendy as it is right now. To help you with your financing options, take a look at 12 ways to get financing to start a new restaurant. Try reaching out to some nearby entertainment hot spots to see if any of them would like to share the costs of driving more business to both of your companies. Other times, people receive a discount on event tickets if they show proof that they ate at your restaurant. As a restaurant, you are a perfect partner for promotion with movie theaters, entertainment venues, and other fun places, like escape rooms. Ludlows Jelly Shots is in no way related to the fast casual market, but it was able to latch on to some other key trends in the food world right now. Donate gift cards to the radio station to give away to the 10th caller after a certain song. Offer them and a guest a free meal at your restaurant, provided that they do an honest review. You may have a point of interest because your business was founded by an immigrant who has been in the country for decades. People will expect to be able to check their email or social media pages while waiting for their food. architecturally savvy food truck Coolhaus, The Only 10 Slides Needed When Pitching Your Business (Infographic), Telling Your Startup Story: 4 Expert Tips to Create the Perfect Investor Pitch for Your New Business, How to Craft An Elevator Pitch That Gives People Chills in Under 20 Seconds, Crafting a Powerful Pitch With the 3-Minute Rule, Create the Perfect Pitch Deck Without Hiring a Designer, Forerunner Ventures Founder Kirsten Green On What She Looks for In a Pitch. Most restaurants will find that they are slower on certain days of the week, certain times of the year, and even certain times during the day. Your email address will not be published. Robert Earl and Freya Estreller appeared on a recent episode of Food Network's Food Fortunes. If you find that people are coming in and not buying anything while using your Internet, you may want to employ the strategy of offering your current Wi-Fi password for customers when they buy a food item or beverage. You can also use an online crowdfunding site, like, to connect with potential investors for your business. 6 percent of all restaurant orderscame through online ordering or apps. If the product is good, even investors can't resist nibbling. Even if you aren't planning on going on Food Fortunes, you can learn a thing or two from the show on how to stay calm while talking with investors.


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