Loop Advocate noted, as I recall, that the Loop Advocate's method did raise the pitch of the string behind the bridge, which is the same effect one gets by moving the tailpiece closer to the bridge (ie, shortening the afterlength). For the ball end type, there is a slot where the violin string fits into. Clear editor. Then, using D-Loop pliers pull firmly to tighten the bottom knot. Some brands have "removable ball" strings. Remember to let the string slide through your left fingers, and then hold the spot when the string looks like this. I just bought a set of Eudoxas to try out, but I've never installed loop-end strings before. Then, while using your lighter, burn one edge as you rotate the cord over the flame. Attaching the string to the tuning post, however, can be a bit trickier. Not only do I not get that...I also don't understand how one decides which Eudoxas to try first! Wow. I'm with you. As a violin repairer, I vote fot the "knot as stopper method" for a reason that no one else has mentioned: This method makes it very easy to remove the strings from the tailpiece and put them back on. If that means thick, medium, and thin are available, then we're talking 30 different strings under the Eudoxa name! Paste as plain text instead, × Your intonation may be off if you use a heavier or lighter set than you currently use. 3. Step 2: Insert new string through the tailpiece. [This message has been edited by Desert Rat (edited 09-20-2000). There are many benefits to keeping your strings fresh. String angle is set by bridge height and saddle length only since the tailpiece is fully free to move. × Slacken the strings and pull the endpin through the tailpiece loop as normal. Looking through the del Gesus and Strads revealed that about half of the string mountings were by Loop Advocate's method and half were the knot as stopper method. First, a D-Loop will insure that your arrow stays vertically consistent as the arrow cycles through the bow. If you have ever strung with uncut, and unknotted gut you will understand that the slots included in the tailpiece accomodate the string itself and not the knot. I'm pretty sure the knot in the loop end functions like a ball, but I could be wrong." If your guitar is not a classical guitar then you have the wrong strings. "PLEASE tell me they take a while to break in...... or am I simply not ready for gut?". How do I do it?   Your link has been automatically embedded. Step 5: Make a 90 degree bend in the string where your left hand has marked the spot. Don't use loop end strings on ball end tuners.   You cannot paste images directly. Acoustic guitars tend to come equipped with light strings. (the loop being cut by sharp matel (tuner) it contacts) If you use loop end string, let the head of the string (part goes to peg) go through. Required fields are marked *, Share this on Facebook (opens in new window), Share this on Twitter (opens in new window). That's why tailpieces had slots long before there was such a thing as ball end strings. Step 1: Remove old string - when re-stringing a banjo, you can save yourself some later readjustments by changing only one string at a time. Mark this location with a permanent marker. With clockmakers pliers or tweezers string replacement only takes one minute and gives the opportunity for some peg maintenance. Take your cut loop material and mash the edges out to form sort of a mushroom. A banjo with clean, new strings practically begs to be played. For good quality strings one minute to put them out of the way is a sensible investment of time to avoid breaking the windings. Lastly, they can extend the life of your bowstring and serving since your release aid will never attach directly to either one. I just bought a set of Newtone Django strings, not realising they were ball-end and my guitar (Gallato RS1939 Angelo Debarre oval model) only takes loop-end strings. Put the string through the tuner and start tuning it up - remember to keep good tension on the string as you tighten. How do I do it? My violin teacher taught me to thread the string through the loop, as Todd French kindly and accurately suggested. This is why many players have switched to synthetic strings that attempt to replicate the gut core sound without the problems associated with them. Powered by Invision Community. How do I do it? Later, when I picked up my violin at the repair shop, the repair woman there had strung the violin as if the knotted loops were balls. It's whatever you prefer. Why The Song Wanted By Jessie James Decker The Song Really Paved The Way With Her Christina Aguilera-ish Country Music Soaring Powerful What? If you have choice, use ball end string. I never saw anyone doing anything other than using the knot as a stopper knot for the slot in the tailpiece. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Using a bow square, locate your “tie in” location by cutting the Berger hole in half and marking 1/8 of an inch high of the perpendicular location provided by the bow square.   Your previous content has been restored. At first I was afraid that the strings would eventually just pull loose out of the tailpiece. Using the “bulbed” end of your cord, tie a cinch knot (as shown) above your mark on the bowstring. Pull the string up into your palm, keeping the string between your index and middle fingers. Let's call this the knot as stopper method. Leave about 1-1/2 inches sticking out the rear of the hole. I'd never had any string but an E whistle on me. "And why are the G and D loop end, but the A is ball end?". By using the site, you consent to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them. Later on in the 80s however there was a cover version of the song . John Carruthers shows us the proper way to fix a strap button. If you want to try these strings, where do you start? When buying strings, I specify ball end for the strings without fine tuners. My reasons for not looping around the front edge of the tailpiece are: 1. There are several advantages to installing a D-Loop on your current bow rig. [This message has been edited by Ludwig (edited 09-19-2000). Although it is possible to put a loop end string using a ball end tuner, it's not recommended, because the sharp edges of the tuner posts increases the chance of the loop ends to break, as shown on the right. "I just bought a set of Eudoxas to try out, but I've never installed loop-end strings before. Step 3: Hook the loop end of the string on the tailpiece. Players swear by Elixir Strings over any other string, insisting tone sounds new and strings feel fresh the longest. Remove the old string (if you haven’t already). For more information, you can visit the Pirastro website: www.pirastro.com. Step 3: Hook the loop end of the string on the tailpiece. Step 1: Remove old string - when re-stringing a banjo, you can save yourself some later readjustments by changing only one string at a time. These come with a ball end that can be plucked out to reveal a loop. Quick, online trivia game question I need answer for: What's the name of an 80s song about a classical composer and who performs it? If you have a modern tailpiece with a fitted fret intended for ball-end strings, then the strings will all exit at the same clean point by ignoring the loop and relying on the knot alone. "I just bought a set of Eudoxas to try out, but I've never installed loop-end strings before. Do gut strings generally take longer to break-in? When I first started the A and D were plain gut but the strings came pre knotted so you didn't have to tie your own knots as they did in the really old times. Please see the Cookie Policy for more information. D-Loops are usually cut 4 ¼ inches in length, but this measurement is not set in stone. Let's call this the Loop Advocate's method. If the knot wasn't big enough to keep string from slipping through, you could add a small disk of leather (3 to 4 mm diameter) with a hole in it to act as cushion and stopper between string knot and underside of tailpiece.


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