x. I'm on day 1..but I've jus had a few oatcakes. Hoping to start again on Monday. Hi, can you please advise as I only eat Eggs, whether I can continue Day 1 plan for the entire week? Hi I cannot have grapefriut due to tablets I am taking. I think it may also have something to do with no alcohol, pastry or chocolate for the three days too!! You did amazingly and I am very impressed you managed to exercise at the same time. “I decided three years ago to do something about my weight. “I also drank around four litres of water a day. You are not meant to swap the meat around but to be honest I don't think it matters too much especially as you are doing 4 days. Here are some pictures of my meals from the diet: I have to say it starts off well with a breakfast of toast and tomatoes which is actually quite tasty & the diet is good in that you are eating proper meals each day which you need to cook & prepare (albeit they are a bit bland). she added: “After I was married and a mum, I got comfortable, my husband loved me, the house was warm, I was happy. If you are a vegetarian, I do have another diet on here for vegetarians. To be honest no! I am looking to do this for 4 weeks is this ok am dying to me slim for jan. Wow - that is impressive - well done you. feel so much less sluggish! I gave it a shot, and probably lost around 6-8 lbs. Determined to see it through this time and sticking to rules completely! :), Hi, to be honest for this diet to be fully effective you need to stick to it and not use substitutes. Your mirror is lying to you - you are already slim and beautiful, Starting this diet today!! One thing I would avoid is sweetcorn as it is sugary. Hi, I am sure it will work for you. And o% fat total on fruit?Thanks for your reply. Let me know how you get on if you do this - as I mentioned I love to chat weight - that and food are really my favourite topics of conversation & I can wax lyrical for hours!! Good luck! Yes it doesn't matter in what order you eat the meals but you can't swap meals from different days. Sorry I didn't have a chance to reply earlier, I wasn't near my computer. Anyway Alan, good luck with this diet and happy new year to you too. Let you know of my progress. This weight is really making me so so depressed. Hi just started this diet today, what excerises should i be doing along the way if any? Hope i can stick to it this time. Yes - if you don't like something just leave it out. The grapefruit an tinned tomotos are growing on me :). Can you substitute Lamb Chop with Steak? I am seriously overweight so this is a good kick start.Word of warning. It is a chemical diet so technically you can have as much steak / chicken as you like however when I did it, I stuck to just one piece (albeit a big one). Have holiday in a few weeks and nothing fits... Good luck - just keep thinking about your holiday as motivation!! Hope it works x, Hya Emma took your advice and filled up on lots of water and herbal tea...what a difference, not hungry at all or craving sugar. Hi, if you don't like grapefruit just leave it out. Am going back on this after Christmas for 4 weeks straight my holiday is coming up very very soon and of course I have treated myself to much! :), I was 12 stone to start with now just to lose more an I will be bk in shape. To be honest no, you are not meant to have substitutes and if you can't eat anything you are meant to just leave it out. Also this site seems to give great encouragement so I can see that this time I just might do it. But be careful as oily fish such as salmon is higher calories than white fish like sea bass. Good luck and merry Christmas xx, Hi is the weight loss sustainable or do you put it back on as soon as you come off it I plan on still eating healthily but just not as strict as this, You will probably put a bit back on but not all of it.....although it does depend if you go crazy over Christmas. If you feel energetic by all means follow your usual exercise plan but personally I just did day to day walking. By doing this for 4 weeks your body will lack the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Also, if you have a sweet tooth normally, bear in mind that grapefruit sweetens a lot in the last stages of ripening.


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