The fact that higher-end restaurants like the Southern Kitchen and Sophie’s have been able to thrive, and that the downtown is really pretty busy are good indications that this is a place where good things could happen. I was looking on here and I was curious about where my city was ranked but I didn’t see it on here anywhere. In the heart of North Carolina, you’ll find people who have migrated from all over the nation who were fascinated by the residents living up to the “Southern Hospitality” stereotype. Yeah, well — if a town has a Cook Out, it’s all right by me. Low interest rates. Extreme cases could easily be sent to teaching hospitals. It’s so terrible how people who live in cities that are objectively better, think that their city is better. This list is a scientific analysis based on real data and is completely unbiased. that are eager to extend their family to include those in their community. You can up grade your property and the real estate companies will not give you credit, but then take your house after you have paid in enough to equal the cost, or are near paying it off. Why would you have a survey like this? The unemployment rate rankss 53rd highest in the state at 7.3%. They’re drastically under-funded and under-staffed, and sadly, some of that is due to poor distribution of funds at the local level, as well as under-funding from state and federal. Unemployment Rate: 14.1% (9th worst) What more could you ask for? Bishops Grant. Not far away, Chapel Hill offers the University of North Carolina and in Durham, Duke University. This subject has been in play since before Hurricane Florence. I am astonished by the accuracy of your report. In the heart of Raleigh you'll find NC State along with many Wolfpack fans. Anything you could tell me about my city? No surprise that a Triangle start up doesn’t include any of their own in this “report”. Welcome to Albemarle, which might be one of the poorest areas in North Carolina. In what other place can you be in the mountains in the morning and at the beach by dinner time? Someone appreciated it! Unemployment Rate: 10.2% (18th worst) People in Kinston make just above the poverty line in combined income. From Duplin County, greedy growers found a way to pollute the Pamlico, Cape Fear and Onslow County waters, and the regulators have been bought off, setting the scene for another pollution disaster, and another,and another… If you don’t include Beulaville, Kenansville, Warsaw, Rose Hill and a few other pig manure towns in nearby Sampson and Lenoir Counties as unliveable, your list is lacking. Either way, it doesn't matter, because science says it's the 4th worst place to live in the state. The fact is most of the people who live here are having a hard time making ends meet, when you consider their earned incomes and lack of jobs. Who knew, right? And I grew up on the better side of the tracks. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Best Suburbs to Buy a House in North Carolina. How could leave the anus of North Carolina off the list – Lumberton! RoadSnacks is based in Raleigh, NC. Overall, the Triangle area is very affordable. Population: 9,635 One horrible neighbor is across the state line from South of the Border. Rank Last Year: 3 (Down 2) One of the most noted citizens, who’s name graces a public building in town, openly had a child with his own daughter. “Dog Town”. I read the paper daily & I don’t see anything reported as they are claiming! I’m not from Whiteville, but I conduct business there. Many families live in Wendell and residents tend to have moderate political views. My whole family still lives there and love it. I come from one and don’t regret leaving. The public schools in Wendell are above average. I really think this is non-sense! Check out the Top reasons people are taking advantage of the Raleigh Real Estate market and moving to the Raleigh/Durham area. Roxboro residents earn the 2nd-lowest salaries in the state. It had its own identity and charm. Just saying. I was raised in erwin. Of course towns that’s don’t have uber wealthy crowds and neighborhoods are going to statistically look worse. That’s news to me. Our residents cherish the time at the pool or spent with friends and family at barbecues. In fact, for a city of under 6,000 people, the 80 violent crimes in town in 2020 really puts things into perspective. Wendell is perfect for citizens who wish to be left alone and spend their days eating at the McDonalds or buying groceries at the Food Lion toward the end of town. People who live in our county are very nice and polite. Based on employment rates, job and business growth, and cost of living. Unemployment Rate: 13.8% (10th worst) Whatever path you follow - beach bum, bohemian, professional, or farmer, North Carolina has a city or town perfect for you. I was looking over the data list that was compiled of all the cities/towns in North Carolina and there were barely any places noted that are west of Asheville. North Carolina continues to set and achieve higher goals each and every year. Unemployment Rate: 9.5% (23rd worst) People are moving to the Raleigh North Carolina area from all over the United States. Wendell used to be very bare with not much to offer but has grown tremendously over the past few years and continues to grow. Hendersonville In the center of town, there is an elementary school that I grew up attending. If anyone came in from outside, they might notice all the money laundering (like the unfortunate preacher in The Devil in Pew Number Seven) or the misuse of public funds (our water and sewer projects). And there are towns that are worse that could have been put on that list. Charlotte 4. Sounds like some people are butt hurt. I’ve worked in them. I grew up in Wendell during the 1980s. But that ignores important things like jobs and income. Just when you're ready for a change, that's exactly what you'll get! Its always been what they call a “closed shop” in criminal terms. The Triangle is known for "Research Triangle Park" where you'll find several top employers, and what gave us the nickname 'Silicon Valley of the South.' MOORESVILLE should be listed as one of the best places to live! Roxboro is also a pretty crummy place to live, when you look at the numbers. Lexington residents had a 1 in 38.6 chance of being the victim of a property crime. Just follow your nose to those places which have some of the worst air in the country. This success is also apparent in our Universities. Curlylocks, Hamlet schools are absolutely dreadful. Not online, I can tell you a hilariously funny Forest City story. Lots of assumptions made due to the numbers. And people gravitate to bigger communities or those that have a short commuting distance to a job. Like any other city, we have our hiccups, but Dunn, NC is one of North Carolina’s best kept secrets, we really are a great community and a place I am thankful to have raised my children. Those towns suck so bad. Some mountain cities should rank high due to the clean water and air and short hikes to stunning views. I hope that a future hurricane will destroy the tacky billboards there. But my immediate family all live in Eden & I’ve always felt safe. California residents, learn about the types of personal data we collect and how we use it by visiting our privacy policy. The purpose of this post is to use science and data to determine which North Carolina cities need a little tender loving care. Also, the Wake County Public School System provides many opportunities to K-12 kids. In Wendell there are a lot of parks. Kinston has much more than a Walmart, they have a growing downtown with a large following for the Mother Earth Brewery. Reidsville sports the state's 43rd highest unemployment rate (7.8%), and families bring in a combined $32,375 a year, which is far below the state average. Ive watched a dozen businesses close in the past year. Yes, we're aware that it's beautiful and "fun". The fact is that the economy here is one of the worst in the state. ——————————- Coffee shops are opening, and would you believe it has become a gourmet destination? Median Home Value: $97,900 (8th worst) Newland Communities Scored Triangle-Wide Awards in Parade of Homes, Commercial Development Coming to Wendell Falls. Finally, great way to kick rural areas. While numbers in North Carolina are clearly better when you compare them to the rest of the nation, the fact is when you compare North Carolina cities against one another, you see big differences. Plus, 20.2% of the population here lives below the poverty line. If you just moved here, join the party! Median Home Value: $106,000 (15th worst) Yes you have to drive to go to the movies a few mins and mall. Clayton is about 15 miles from downtown Raleigh the state capital and as such is an attractive place to live where you can live in a rural setting but be close to all a city has to offer. There’s some charming architecture, especially the smashingly wonderful Victorian train station. So at least they have one another. Unemployment Rate: 7.3% (53rd worst) Known for its schools of medicine and technology, NC has a lot to offer the scholar. The “warm nest” of my “caring town” closed ranks to block the murder investigation of a local nurse because her “christian” family didn’t want it to come out that she was a lesbian. Rank Last Year: 7 (Up 6) Say what you want about 'cheap living,' the fact is homes are priced by demand, and there's not a lot of demand to live in Monroe. Here you can view every home for sale in Heritage. I detour off I-95 to hit the one in Dunn all the time. No one in my family has ever been robbed in Hamlet or Rockingham and I will always feel safe there. After analyzing 130 of the Tar Heel State's most populous cities, we came up with this list as the 10 worst places to live in the state:eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',184,'0','0'])); What? I did move to Rock Hill,SC for 10+ years & it was a shock to me when I moved back in 2005 at how many of my highschool friends that were going places are addicted to crack cocaine and narcotic pain medications.


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