Price: $13.08(as of Nov 12,2020 10:59:34 UTC – Details). $33.78. - Гарантия возврата денег eBay - открывается в новом окне или вкладке, Продавец, возможно, не отправляет товар в страну: Россия. Эта сумма включает соответствующие таможенные пошлины, налоги, оплату услуг, предоставляемых независимой стороной и др. Honey Nut Cheerios, Cereal with Oats, Gluten Free, 19.5 oz 4.8 out of 5 stars 6,649. Продавец берет на себя полную ответственность за это объявление о товаре. All rights reserved. после получения платежа. It is essential we use cookies to deliver a high quality experience and make our website easier for you to use. объявление продавца о, условия и положения Программы международной доставки. $3.64. Kellogg invented Corn Flakes ushering in an entire new way of eating breakfast...and we are still innovating for you today Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries Cereal in a Cup – Portable Breakfast, Bulk Size (Pack of 12, 2.5 oz Cups) November 12, 2020 Ly'Derian Greasham 0 Comments. Special K is a brand of breakfast cereal and meal bars manufactured by Kellogg's. дн. Enjoy a breakfast that keeps you going all day long. Без дополнительных импортных сборов при доставке! About this item: Details; Nutrition Facts & Ingredients; Where To Buy; Highlights. Start your day off right with the simple goodness of Kellogg's Special K Banana breakfast cereal deliciously crafted, wholesome breakfast cereal that loves you back with each irresistible spoonful. Special K® Probiotics Berries & Peaches is a nutritious cereal with real fruit and probiotics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At Ly’Derian’s Corner, We bring you what’s new and fresh in today’s ever changing food scene. We know you can’t fake delicious - so we don’t. About Cookies on this site: Cookies are very small data files that are stored on your computer or mobile devices when you visit some websites. Введите число, меньшее или равное 2. Nutrition Facts and Ingredients. 500g Standing Pouch, Kellogg's Special K Breakfast Cereal Original 1.25oz 60 Count, Без дополнительных импортных сборов при доставке, Добавьте в корзину, чтобы сэкономить с помощью этого специального предложения. It is made primarily from grains like lightly toasted rice, wheat and barley. Kellogg's Raisin Bran Breakfast Cereal Original 24 Oz, Kellogg's Hershey's Choco Crunch Breakfast Cereal Original & Dark Choco 17.6oz, Kellogg's Hershey's Choco Crunch Breakfast Cereal 17.6 oz. 10 offers from $8.49. Эта сумма может измениться до момента осуществления платежа. Если вы выберете вариант Купить сейчас, то приобретете только этот товар. Special K has really changed my life. You’ll be feeling the willpower of Special K® Protein Cereal all morning long. The cereal was introduced to the United States in 1955. This cereal is bursting with real whole blueberries and crispy flakes made with whole grains. To learn more, including how to opt-out, click here. Oreo O's Original Cereal Chocolate Marshmallow Breakfast Cereal 500g 17.6 oz. Special K biedt tal van voedingsstoffen om je innerlijke kracht te helpen voeden. Подробнее см. Start your day off right with the simple goodness of Special K Cereal Red Berries – a deliciously crafted, wholesome cereal that loves you back with each healthy spoonful. These delicious flakes are a source of protein and fibre – worth waking up for and enjoying at breakfast! What's not to love? Kellogg's Special K, Breakfast Cereal, Original, Made with Folic Acid, B Vitamins, and Iron, Value Size, 18oz Box(Pack of 6) 4.8 out of 5 stars 213 $21.84 $ 21. Special K® knows the secret to creating the tastiest food is using ingredients you know and love. Product Description Start your day off right with Kellogg's Special K Original Breakfast Cereal, a deliciously crafted cereal made from wholesome ingredients; This healthy breakfast cereal is made with folic acid, B vitamins, and iron About the Brand In the late 1800s at the Battle Creek Sanatorium, a combination hospital and health spa for the elite and famous, W.K. Чтобы узнать подробнее, посмотрите корзину. Our mission is to power real people with real food that tastes REALLY good. It's a perfect breakfast to start your day. *. Just as nutritious as it is delicious, this breakfast cereal is made with whole grain, is a good source of fiber, and contains essential vitamins and minerals to help keep you going strong. A great tasting start to your day with wholesome rice and wheat flakes combined with the simple goodness of real sliced strawberries in a portable, single serving cupWith 19 grams of whole grain, and a good source of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals per serving; made with no high fructose corn syrup, and no cholesterolA low fat, healthy cereal that’s sure to please the whole family; enjoy with or without your favorite milkConvenient, ready to eat cereal that comes in 12 disposable, 2.5 ounce cup with no mess or clean up required; a quick and easy meal or snack on the go, Your email address will not be published. Volg ons op de Tresor-Facebookpagina om de avonturen. Enjoy a breakfast that keeps you going all day long. Точность и доступность перевода не гарантируется. Required fields are marked *. Special K used to be marketed primarily as a low-fat cereal that can be eaten to help one lose weight. Если вы хотите получить дополнительные товары, выбранные вами, чтобы соответствовать условиям этого предложения. Kellogg's Cracklin' Oat Bran Breakfast Cereal, Original, 16.5 Oz. For example, we use cookies to collect statistics on how our website is used and also keep track of your preferences. More than 100 years ago, W.K. Select pack size: 19oz 13.3oz 19oz. This cereal is bursting with berry flavor and sweet peaches. Each bowl of Special K® Protein Cereal has 15g protein plus 5g fiber. I have been on the Special K diet for a while now and it seems to be the only diet that has worked for me. TM, ®, © 2020 KELLOGG Company. Rijk aan 9 essentiële vitaminen en mineralen zaols Vitamine D en Vitaminen B. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Все права защищены. "Special K ontbijtgranen en graanrepen bevatten minstens 15% van de Referentie Inname voor vitaminen B3, B6 en B9. Special K Protein Cereal, 12.5 oz - Pack of 4 3.9 out of 5 stars 33. Start your day … Special K Rode vruchten. Эта сумма может измениться до момента осуществления платежа. What's not to love? We, along with our partners, may collect data about how you use this website to better understand your preferences and to provide you with relevant advertisements. It’s the unique lattice shape that makes each pillow crispy, while the honey and corn combine to create a taste sensation! Cereal and Granola. Breakfast Breakfast!! При оформлении покупки могут взиматься налоги. Подробнее см. $3.99. См. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be a bowl of Special K, one of their protein shakes, or their cereal bars. Each serve provides your body with protein, fibre as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Точность и доступность перевода не гарантируется. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Kellogg’s® Crispix® are mouth-watering, crispy pillows of golden corn with a hint of honey! Add a your favourite ice-cold skim milk or milk alternative, grab your spoon and enjoy a bowl of Special K* Whole Blueberries cereal as part of a nutritious breakfast or anytime snack. товара. Onze heerlijke 3-granenflakes bevatten volkoren tarwe, gecombineerd met gerst en rijst voor een knapperige ervaring die deel uitmaakt van een evenwichtig ontbij. Kellogg's Special K, Breakfast Cereal, Fruit and Yogurt, Made with Real Oat Clusters, Family Size, 19.1oz Box 4.8 out of 5 stars 920. Kellogg's Special K, Breakfast Cereal, Blueberry with Lemon Clusters, Made with Real Oat Clusters, 12.8oz Box 4.7 out of 5 stars 631. Этот товар будет доставлен в рамках Программы международной доставки и отслеживается на всем протяжении доставки. This filling cereal is bursting with real strawberries and made with lightly sweetened rice and wheat flakes to energize you for the day ahead. Kellogg's® Special K® Protein Cereal. De vitaminen B3, B6 en B9 helpen om de vermoeidheid te verminderen. Breakfast Favorites & Treats; Cereal & Granola; Savory Snacks; Plant-Based Proteins; Snack Bars & Bites; Protein Bars & Shakes; Frozen Breakfast; Recipes; Where to Buy; Our Impact. Доступно 2 ед. Средство перевода предоставлено исключительно для вашего удобства. Kellogg's Special K Original breakfast cereal contains rice, whole wheat and oats. $3.64. Опубликовать на Facebook - открывается в новом окне или вкладке, Опубликовать в VK - открывается в новом окне или вкладке, Опубликовать в Twitter - открывается в новом окне или вкладке, Фотографии для этого варианта товара недоступны. Если вы проживаете в государстве, входящем в состав Европейского союза, за исключением Великобритании, импортный НДС, взимаемый при покупке этого товара, не возмещается. Whether you’re sitting down to a nice quiet breakfast … Эта сумма включает соответствующие таможенные пошлины, налоги, оплату услуг, предоставляемых независимой стороной и др. This breakfast cereal is made with the goodness of wheat and rice flakes and real crunchy bananas to delight your taste buds and put a spring in your step for the day ahead. Товар обычно отправляется в течение 3 раб. 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