The worm crawls in everywhere. Still had flying moths. they are everywhere. One month later: At first (after cleaning the panty cupboard) I found a moth everyday, now I am only finding a moth about every 5 days. One day I peeled off the seal from an unopened bbq sauce and found one of their disgusting larvae! We washed every can with vinegar water, took all shelves out and washed them on all edges and sides. I don’t see any in my cabinets, only on the floor in the eating area. When the infestation was really bad, I had one in the kitchen and one in the family room. Good luck with the pantry moths! Take heart knowing, considering all the replies, that you are in good company!!! Personally, I’m putting everything in the refrigerator until the moths are gone. I have no idea where they are laying their eggs. My husband is getting pleasure out of zapping them. This is disgusting and annoying. I’ve even close the doors to the closets. We now have a new kitchen and new drywall put on ceiling and all new cabinets and still see these flying around. They usually only ship mon-wed to ensure delivery as the window for hatching is small. I told my husband that he had to see this! Or should i be prepaired for something else? Yucky disgusting. They are hard and there is quite alot of white fuz around them. Most of them I sucked right out of the air while they were flying. I have adjustable shelves, so there’s holes for the pegs. We just moved house. We threw out all the bag Foods in plastic and cereal as well in ordered plastic food containers from Amazon where everything is now kept. After minimal assembly, the TERRO trap looks identical to the SAFER trap, down to the size and color of the lure. We’ve just gone through another summer weevil free thanks to them. I could not understand where the hell they were coming from all of a sudden. Uhh i just found them too! Only one cupboard so far! SO, Now I just wait and see if those are left overs or if I need to call the professionals. The larvae can be in the folds of coffee packets, edges of cans, they can be anywhere! So I scrubbed all the food cupboards. My pantry is cleaner that it’s ever been. Then wrapped that up and threw it out. 4 of 32 people found this answer helpful. I run the diffuser with peppermint oil in the kitchen occasionally and have not restocked pantry but have been keeping what dry goods I’ve bought in the fridge as a preventative measure. I understand I have to throw away all products like pasta, grains, spicies, crackers, flours bags, rice, cake mixes, cookies etc. Thanks Janet. The trap in the kitchen is completely empty. Is this normal or should I be recleaning? Just kidding, I saw one in a bowl of Cheerio’s that I was about to eat a few weeks ago. NOT JUST WHERE THERE IS A FOOD SOURCE! I clearly need better storage containers, too. It was completely sealed so it must mean that larvae was in the box at the time of manufacturing. I do know it isn’t the pantry. This seems to be a never ending project, if I need to do every cupboard in my kitchen including the walls, ceiling and floor. Thank you. All boxed and open foods are going in the trash. I also cleaned all the peg holes with vinegar on a Q-tip and then covered the holes with painters tape. They lay their eggs under or near the lids. HOPELESS. I’m hoping that is what I’m dealing with. Our battle runs its course daily and nightly. Should I just throw it all away even canned items?? The cabinet was next to my entertainment center which has some shelving & yes you guessed it, the famous peg holes!! ours came in with a bag of dog food from PetSmart that was full of sucky looking insect webs and worms inside the bag. I found these moths (adults only) in a bin of flour a few months ago. Doing what i did (previously posted June 17th 2014) worked. I used Pantry Moth traps and caught heaps, had one in the pantry and one in the adjoining room. They really seem to like cardboard so tonight I’m putting one shelf back in that closet and putting a small cardboard box on it as bait. AND I HAVE BOUGHT THE TRICHOGRAMMA WASPS SEVERAL TIMES AND 3 YEARS LATER ANOTHER MOTH INFECTION. Then saw 2 little worms on cupboard, still … whatever, more stuff from outside. Yes it sounds like I’m over doing, but I will also set off some de-foggers a half day. It is beyond heinous. The electricity dries EVERYTHING on their beings. thats my 2nd stop– 3rd stop terrex traps an bay leaves…. ARRRGH ! Sealed, unopened, airtight packaging means nothing. It also claims to repel pantry moths and roaches. But I just came back from a weeklong trip and there were four in my trap in the upstairs bedroom. Those had little flour beatles, and gosh knows what else inside…*unopened*! After 4 years of fighting those moths and their babies, I gave up and eat around them now. Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. They were also in the crease around the top of the metal trash can lid. And years later here we are, still infested, but not surprised. I hung old fashion fly paper (glue strips)in my dining room and kitchen. I encourage you to not buy anymore “Ugg boots,” or any products with wool in them. I don’t like that I will have to be diligent for almost a year, but it will be worth it. I cleaned & vacuumed the entire cupboard & everything in the cupboard. Hi, I’ve learned quite a bit here. The thing that helps with my frustration is my bug zapper that is shaped like a tennis racket. Not where they are coming from where any of the caccoons are or anythinf!! A friend said that once the food is gone, which it is, they will go when they have nothing to eat. No moths for a couple of months now. What are they and how do I get rid of them. Hi Jeanie, How do these pests get in sealed packages of food? Hi where can I get those wasps? I might never buy cereal or pasta again. Almost hypervenalates. I have found white worms in the boxes and they have eating hole in the inside bags. We have almost given up hopes of ever being rid of these. I did not see any for a few days, but now I maybe kill about 3-4 few a week. I’ve tried everything including the traps. I closed it off but the that didn’t help. I also found this one of best university sites, if interested –, I think i havelarvae bugs tiny little things that I thought it may have dropped from the ceiling, trying to share my breakfast. They came in on some boxes of food from a .gov food pantry program. The worms crawl into anything, not just food, to pupate. I throughout mostly everything. Put all containers into ZipLoc bags or double-bag those goods that are not stored in containers.


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