Basically, the very environment of the economy can have an effect on two essential aspects – your company’s levels of production and the decision-making process of your customers.Some examples of economic factors affecting business: 1. Cultural forces also have a significant impact on the success of … Political macro environment factors include things like tax policies, government-issued safety regulations, the availability of government contracts, and even shifts in the controlling political party. Demographic forces relate to people. The social values and culture of an environment play a huge role in the functioning of the company. They work five to ten years more after sixty. The latter refers to the study of human populations. So when the social environment changes it can have a direct or indirect effect on the company. As the principle guiding force, macro environment agents play a pivotal role in determining the decisions of an organization. INTRODUCTIONA business firm is an open system. In other words, people are the driving force for the development of markets. Demand / Supply This includes size, density, age, gender, occupation and other statistics. The name refers to the term Demography. So this has had a huge impact on companies. Taxes 6. Interest rates 2. Why are people important? company is going to be multi-national or globalized, the more intensive are the macro-economic factors which influence the company and its activities. It gets resources from the environment and supplies itsgoods and services to the environment. (PDF) Environmental Factors Affecting Business | Dr. Jack A Onyisi - Environmental factors can have an impact on project management even in environments that are relatively stable. Macro factors affecting business environment 1. the business, which will, in turn, influence the strategy of the business. Inflation 5. Integrating a new foreign business entity into the origin organization requires to consciously considering about the macro-economic environment as well as cross-cultural differences. The Macroeconomic Environment The macroeconomic environment describes the aspects of the business environment that cannot be controlled. The large and diverse demographics both offer opportu… This There are different environmental factors that affect a business ability to serve its customers. These marketing environmental factors provide opportunities or threats to a particular business. Companies get resources from the environment and supplies goods and services to the environment. Exchange rates 3. Marketing Environmental Factors. For example in recent time society has seen a shift, and people no longer retire at 60. It helps the management to have a complete understanding of the external or bigger environment prevalent in the region.It further facilitates the decision-making bodies to plan and devise the most appropriate strategies and goals; all of which shall hit the target in the given market scenario.Such a… Because, on the whole, their needs is the reason for businesses to exist. MACRO FACTORS AFFECTING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT SUBMITTED BY: AAYUSH VERMA 2. From access to capital, to access to technology, to access to people, projects will succeed or fail based on the project leaders ability Recession 4. In this section, we will look at the macroeconomic environment. International laws, such as trade agreements and tariffs, may affect the supply and demandchains and available markets for many different companies as well.


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