Due to our model we were able to see that the glider approached the fixed magnet with Kinetic Energy, got close to the fixed magnet, stopped for what seemed a millisecond and bounced back. from the graph, we could see the total energy is kind of conserved since it is a kind of horizontal line. You can use them to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. next is our position of cart vs. time graph. The magnets stored all of the Kinetic Energy our glider came in with and then that Magnetic Potential turned into Kinetic Energy yet again. The total energy plot could be sloped downwards for the following reasons: friction between the air cart and air track, the air cart being pushed slightly out of line with its direction of motion, causing inefficiencies as it slides down the track. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  We came up with a model of with high uncertainty. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. dFIdlB =× dF dF=IBdl dF ⊥! create a new calculated column so that we could get the separation between the magnets from the position as measured by the motion detector. when we change the separation distance a little bit, the graph change a lot. What is the energy difference between the highest and the lowest state? Potential energy for a magnetic dipole moment U m =− µ⋅ B U=!min -µΒ! In the case of chemical potential energy, we refer to the way in which atoms and molecules are structured in chemical bonds capable of storing energy, as occurs in the body of animals with glucose, the compound from which we obtain energy to supply our metabolism. Change ), Conservation of Energy using mass-spring system. Potential energy of a bar magnet in a uniform magnetic field. Magnetic Dipole Moment: Potential Energy. U= −μ⋅B. then integrate it we get U = 0.0001365/1.066  *  r^(-1.066). A magnetic dipole in a magnetic field has potential energy given by [math]U = -\mu \cdot B[/math] The dipole will feel a torque, [math]\tau = \mu \times B[/math], that will tend to align it with the field so as to minimize [math]U[/math]. Displacement was measured by taking the distance between the two magnet holders -which, fun! ( Log Out /  When doing this experiment we push a glider cart with a mounted magnet into a fixed magnet at the end of a track. which means, PE + KE is always a constant in the whole experiment, therefore, we could say it is verified that conservation of energy applied to this system. Change ). If the magnetic field is not uniform, it will also feel a force equal to the negative gradient of the potential energy, ∇ (μ⋅B). we could measure the cart’s velocity using a motion sensor like we usually do. For this scenario we claim that the cart after the push initially has Kinetic Energy that once the cart reaches the magnet, the energy converts into Magnetic Potential energy and then repels the car the opposite direction. We created calculated columns for kinetic energy, magnetic potential energy and energy total. As told by professor Wolf, striking through a data point made our uncertainty slightly lower for our curve fit formula, this is because air 4th point was inconsistent with our other data points. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. measure the distance between magnet and the cart and the angle the track is raised. find the relationship between the distance the motion detector reads and the separation distance between the magnets. based on the graph we got, we could say the conservation of energy applied to this system since the total energy is a constant within the uncertainties. To find the parameters for our specific set of magnets we can take readings of force vs displacement with varying amounts of force and use those data points to determine what our values for A and B should be. ( Log Out /  in this lab, the goal is to verify that energy is conserved. here is the magnetic force function we got (the left side in the picture is our angle and distance we measured 3, 13, 18,24,28,32), the force are mg sin3, mgsin13, mgsin18, mgsin24, mgsin28, mgsin32, would equal to 0.0273,0.0154,0.0131,0.0115,0.0098,0.01: from the graph above we could see A = 0.0001365, B = -2.066; therefore, F = 0.0001365 r^(-2.066). This distance data is later used to calculate velocity and displacement of the two magnets. start with the cart at the far end of the track and start the detector, give the cart a gentle push. After doing the calculations for both, we can see a transferring of energy between the two types and a total energy that is relatively constant. This is done to minimize friction. Then because of the possible air flow uncertainty there might be some added friction between the cart and the track as well. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. in order to verify the conservation of energy, in this experiment, we have magnetic potential energy and kinetic energy, so the goal is to verify PE0 + KE0 = PEf + KEf. we raise one end of the track at various angles and find the positions where the cart is at equilibrium position. Potential Energy of magnetic dipole in magnetic field is defined as the amount of work done in rotating the dipole from zero potential energy position to any desired position. ( Log Out /  Energy of Magnetic Potential. We used a glider air track for this experiment and once we leveled it we consider our track a frictionless surface. Theory: Just like spring potential energy, magnets can also store potential energy, only instead of it being held in a physical object its held in the magnetic field. the uncertainty in our fit to F vs. r curve also affect our results. Theory/Introduction: For this lab we are trying to propose the idea of a Magnetic Potential energy when working with a glider cart. the graph is very sensitive. For the force data we collected we derived this from the angle at which we were elevating the air track. Although our results looked promising our graph clearly shows that there was a mix up of sorts. The apparatus is a cart on an airtrack. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We know that the slope of the total energy line is not caused or heavily influenced by the track not being level, as we leveled it before the experiment and in addition to that: if the track were not leveled it would not produce a total change in energy, instead it would produce a graph that on both ends, returns to the same total energy but deviates either slightly higher or lower from the mean in the middle of the graph. I have the 3d model for the ones used, and created a new one in class that makes it easier to measure the distance between the magnets: Anyways, We took the distance between the two magnet holders and then measured the depth of the plate in between the magnets and added that to the distance to get the true distance. Lab 11: Magnetic Potential Energy. 0! Picture of the U and µ in magnetic field – important in atomic and nuclear physics. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. in order to verify the conservation of energy, in this experiment, we have magnetic potential energy and kinetic energy, so the goal is to verify PE0 + KE0 = PEf + KEf. This can be modeled by the equation F = A*x^B where x is the displacement. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Our lab involves using an aircart with a magnet mounted to one end, We send this aircart with a velocity towards another magnet. The dipole will feel a torque, τ = μ×B, that will tend to align it with the field so as to minimize U. ( Log Out /  After having this model we were able to test it by simply placing a motion detector by the fixed magnet on the track and then gently pushing our glider to go until it hit the magnet and bounced back. 0! ( Log Out /  Because this air track’s punched holes may not be distributing the air properly throughout the track because we had sides where the glider would not flow as smoothly. Change ), This is a text widget, which allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. after we got the function for U, we could do next part, verify the conservation of energy. weight the cart, test the motion detector. We know that energy is the integral of force therefore if we can come up with a force function of time and integrate it we might be able to also integrate this function and use is as our Magnetic Potential energy. record the data, create some new columns, PE ( = m v² / 2), PE (U(r)), E sum(total energy); make a graph showing PE, KE, E of the system as a function of time.


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