Other LSNJ websites: Once the information has been confirmed, an order will be prepared to terminate the support obligation. Child support ends automatically when the child passes away. This law says that child support will stop automatically, without either parent having to request termination from the court, when the child: What are the exceptions to child support automatically stopping at age 19? If you would like to apply for New Jersey child support services, you can contact a local child support county office near you. New Jersey Career Connections can help you find a job in order to meet your child support obligations. You can also contact your local shelters and food pantries for help. any court orders issued in the case, such as an order reducing or increasing child support payments. Request a change to an existing child support order after a divorce. This law is meant to allow child support to end without either party having formally asking the court to end the child support. The new order will stop the obligation to pay current child support and increase the arrears payment to equal the amount paid under the prior order for both current and arrears payments. To determine the 45-day deadline, count all days, including weekends and holidays. Child support may continue past the age of 19 if: What will happen before my child’s 19th birthday? 3. Either parent may make a motion or application to modify (reduce or increase) child support or arrears payments when the child support obligation for one child is terminated. Fill out the form to connect with one of our PayNearMe Solution Specialists. Both parties will be sent an updated order reflecting this change. Probation Child Support Enforcement What happens if the obligor does not show up for a child support enforcement hearing? Request a change to an existing order for couples that were never married. Juvenile Probation Supervision. P.O. Motion or application to adjust the child support amount. $0. There may be an additional fee for Family Court processing of motions/applications for support. The Probation Child Support Client Service also can be contacted if you have a complaint or inquiry about the quality of service you have received. The child’s 23rd birthday. The following information should be included in your correspondence: When you write to the Probation Child Support Client Service, send copies, not originals, because submitted materials will not be returned. However, it will set the new award at the same amount as the pre-termination award. 18. Any other information such as dates of prior communication or documentation that may assist probation staff. Your child support obligations could impact how much stimulus money you receive. When there are no children left on the order after termination, but there is child support still owed, the termination order will result in an arrears-only payment. Rooming/Boarding Houses and Mobile Home Parks, Forms for Lawsuits and Representing Yourself, Division of Child Protection and Permanency/Child Welfare, Rights Connected with Special Medical Problems, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals/DACA, Education Representation Project (ERP) brochure, Individual Tax Payer Identification Numbers/ITIN, Free Tax Preparation for Low-Income Tax Payers, How to File a Request to Modify a Non-Dissolution “FD” Court Order Previously Issued By the Court, How to Ask the Court to Change/Enforce an Order in Your Case, or Request Another Related Action in Your Case, Termination FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The custodial parent submits a written request and required proof before the child’s 19th birthday. The order includes a notation that the obligation to pay support has ended. The termination automatically will take effect on the date in the notice. You can also read about the Treasury Offset Program and child support. § 654(b); N.J.S.A. State law requires that child support be paid through income withholding. Contact Probation before your court hearing so that arrangements can be made. Probation will continue to enforce the amount past due as an arrears only case. 6. On or before that date, the custodial parent should file a motion or application for financial maintenance and/or school expenses for the dependent adult child. If you are a non-custodial parent, using this site will save you time instead of mailing your payment and you are assured that your payment will be processed correctly. The obligee—the parent who is receiving child support—might not have to be present unless the court documents indicate that attendance is required. Both sets of forms are available on the court’s website. Bench Warrant – An order from the court giving legal authority to law enforcement to arrest a person for failure to appear for a court hearing or failure to comply with a court order. Send to: New Jersey Family Support Payment Center How do I get financial maintenance for my dependent adult child? Only a certified court interpreter can provide sign language interpretation in court. 2A:17-56.67 to 56.73. To request to lower the child support based upon the termination of support, the non-custodial parent MUST file a motion or application to reduce child support. You can find addresses for courthouses and payment locations here. A parent may make a motion or an application to declare a child emancipated and end child support when the child is no longer “in the sphere of influence” of the parent. To Continue Support Past Age 19 (If an Exception Applies). Obligor/Payor/NCP – An individual who owes a financial and/or medical obligation. Cash payments are accepted at these locations. 21. Probation will continue to assist with collection and enforcement of any back child support that is owed. The order is sent to the Probation Division’s Child Support Enforcement Services Unit (Probation) to monitor and enforce the order. If either parent (or party) disagrees with the court order entered, he or she may request a hearing to present witnesses and evidence on the issues of termination, continuation, or modification of support.


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