Topics: Interesting facts | Cameron Trading Post – Weekly Travel Photo, The Elephant Crossing – Weekly Travel Photo & Product Review, A Video Guide To Exploring (and Learning) Danish Culture | VirtualWayfarer, Practical Curiosity: The Guide to Life, Love & Travel, Generation Cox – A Brave New World…of Hypocritical Crap. It encapsulates Norway, Sweden and Lapland, the north of Finland. The latter is a really good primer presented in a cute way, and basically lines up with your conclusions. Sweden proving rebellious fought eleven wars against Denmark over a period of 300 years. Common behavioral aspects such as a strong respect for privacy, independence, deep-seated pragmatism, blunt conversational style, and communalistic mentality is common across the various countries but the way these factors come together, and the cultural persona that blend creates, varies fairly dramatically from country to country. Russia also ruled over Finland. If you like to bike Denmark will be your ideal Nordic country. In 2007 I set out on a three-month solo trip through Europe, in 2011 I re-located to Copenhagen. and we as these strange Nordians have to be thankful to France of this separation?! Also, let us know what’s the reaction of the Nordic people when you detail them the difference between the two! Anyway, we hope that this article helped you to be more confident when you meet a person or name a place from the Nordic countries next time. This is the clearest explanation of what is Scandinavia and what is Nordic that I have found. As mentioned above, most of the world treat the words “Nordic” and “Scandinavian” equally, but … Current politics aside, apparently the Estonians were also pretty fantastic Vikings during the Viking period and raised unholy hell tormenting their western neighbors…which…is really the main qualification the rest of the world uses anyhow, right? Interaction between these various groups is common place and over time they have  unified due to these close associations in certain environments, but they also should not be assumed to be interchangeable. We also had thousands of coastal Swedes (rannarootslased in EST) in Estonia before Russians destroyed their homes and lands in II World War. Sometimes local dialects differ more than the neighbouring language, specially in Norway. Nordic languages are made of two categories: North Germanic and Finno-Ugric. With due time, the Norsemen held a bad reputation across Europe. Whether you’re visiting Norway to see its famous fjords or pay homage to the birthplace of skiing, make sure to read the things you need to know before going to Norway to help you plan your itinerary. For the Scandinavians and Nordics reading this, I invite you to elaborate further on your own personal behavioral profiles for the region and feel free to elaborate on or disagree with the profiles I’ve outlined above. That his children who speak Swedish, but are influenced by another language and are not living in Lapland are not Scandinavian. In this way the Danish cities, Copenhagen in particular, tend to be what I’ve often referenced as “Dive-bar” cities. Language governs its people and there many factors that could influence the formation of communication dynamics. Did someone correct you when you called a Finn “Scandinavian”? It is, however, more closely tied to Faroese than standard Danish. (Photo/Reuters). Looking at how near these countries are with each other, and yet Icelandic, Faroese, and Finnish languages are unintelligible to Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, we can clearly see the difference between Nordics and Scandinavians.


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