The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Zecchi - Colori - Belle Arti:     Art Brands Top^ There are a few DecoArt colors where I … Natural earth & mineral pigment supplier based in the USA. I have listed Williamburg Oils and Qor Watercolors under there own entry. Their site is in French, and it appears they only sell direct, and may not ship to the Americas. portrait oil paint on fabric canvas to be mounted is just one of our projects. names are available by clicking on the color swatches/pigment images., Guide to Watercolor Pigments, Bruce MacEvoy 2008. Is there a chart that compares oil paint colors to acrylic colors? D = Extremely Toxic, only attempt working with these pigments (especially the dry form) in laboratory like conditions with proper safety equipment (see "Prudent practices in the laboratory: handling and disposal of chemicals" at google books opens new window); or the PDF - Booklet Safe Handling of Colour Pigments Copyright © 1995: BCMA, EPSOM, ETAD, VdMI - link from VdMI, The Side Notes Column:   Key Top ^ Page Top^. Sinopia Pigments:     Art Brands Top^ Color Index Numbers can be found on the website by clicking on the color swatches/pigments images to get more information. French Company founded in 1919. Her channel is mostly about watercolors, but the pigment info and swatches can be useful to oil & acrylic painters or any artist that is a nerd about color and pigments. 2. Oil Absorption: is given in g/100g or grams of oil per 100 grams of pigment, Paint or Pigment Manufacturer Code & Art Medium:*****. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Various web sites in particular, Blick Art Materials Artist Supply,, Kremer Pigments, Natural Pigments, Kama Pigments, Sinopia Pigments, and along with internet forums on art and painting, web sites of paint manufacturers, paint suppliers, chemical manufactures and pigment manufacturers;. FERRARIO 1919 Extra-fine oil colors (Web), VAN DYCK Fine oil colors Color Index Names are available by selecting the specific oil paint color to bring up details. Paint Substitution Chart This is not a conversion chart. Old charts for Pre-Tested Oils Color Chart (PDF), Spec Sheet (PDF) for historical interest only. Color Index names can be found by clicking on the product number, and selecting the "additional" tab below the images. Bob Ross paints are distributed in the EU by Lukas, not sure if Lukas makes them for that market or not. A few of the links below are Affilliate links you can help support this site, at no extra cost to you, and you can get great deals & discounts. Extra-fine Artists' Oils (PDF) (Website)  | Aquarelles Watercolor (PDF) (Website), Health, safety and environmental Statement (Web), Blueridge Oil Colors:     Art Brands Top^ substitute acrylic or oil color, it is learning immediately what you have Old Holland:     Art Brands Top^ Oil Paint Picture. You can get Colour Index Names on their web site by clicking on the color image and scrolling down on the specific colour page to the to the "Color Data Sheet". Wal*mart might even have some :). IV = Fugitive/Very Poor, 7-8 = Excellent, Popular crafter brand based in Australia. Royal Talens:     Art Brands Top^ Color Index Generic Name:   Key Top ^ Page Top^ Canadian Triangle Coatings’ business began in 1932 as a small, regional paint manufacturer. Color Index Names are the only sure way to know exactly what pigments make up the paint, but some paint manufacturer's do not list their pigment content on the tube or even a separate sheet or color chart. In most cases, they have the identical colors in Large Scale Industrial Pigment Manufacturer's:  Page Top^ Da Vinci paints are handmade in California, USA. For Blick Art Materials' Current Promo Code, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors was acquired by Golden Artist Colors after the death of founder and artist Carl Plansky in 2009. Williamsburg is known for its quality and extensive palette of colors including genuine Italian Earth Colors. Mir Oil Colours  |  Mir Water-colours  |  Mir Acrylic Colours. Grumbacher was aquired by Chartpak, Inc in 2006, the jury is still open as to weather Chartpak can deliver quality to match the original. Testors branded Enamel and Acrylic paints, Paints, as well as the Aztek Airbrush system. Their paints are very hard to find in the US. They must be good, because they're always sold out... Appears to be unavailable is the US. The ASTM has not rated all pigments, and I believe will no longer be rating pigments. For detailed description of ACMI seals, safety and labeling, see Resources> Health and Safety page. href=hyperlink.href; "Pigments are extracted from plants chosen for their high quality dyes and lightfastness." They do not sell directly to the public, but distribute or wholesale their brands to US art supply retailers. Oil Paint Set. Complete Catalog (PDF) Has CI names & other info towards the end. I wish they all did. information. 2-3 Poor (fugitive), Winsor & Newton:     Art Brands Top^ Lascaux Artist Acrylics (Web), (PDF)  |  Artist Metallic Acrylics Web, (PDF)  |  Studio Acrylics (Web), (PDF), Lascaux Studio Bronze (web), (PDF)  |  Lascaux Sirius Primary Colours Acrylic (Web), (PDF, no C.I.N. TCS™ Color Solutions for Generic Name (abbreviated) given by the ASTM and Colour Index International (CII) for that pigment. Pigment list (PDF) All product pigments on one list w/ C.I numbers. the color names. Since 1929, the oval, Testors logo has been associated with quality, and integrity. An employee owned US company of high quality artists' acrylics. 4-5 = Fair (Impermanent), 2727 Southampton Rd., Philadephia, PA 19154, Tel:(215)677-5600 / Fax:(215) / names are available at their website and in the PDF. Colors of Nature:     Art Brands Top^ Made in Germany, Schmincke's goal is "making and providing the very best finest artists' colours for demanding artists". Some video series of note are the Color Spotlight series, where she focuses on a specific pigment, comparing brands and hues and the Swatch with me series, where she swatches out entire paint lines of watercolors including Colour Index names, and covering almost every brand of watercolors out there. Both the pigments sticks and Encaustic paints are on one chart that includes color index information. All artist paints and pigments that are ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ASTM D4236 - 94* compliant that are sold in the United States must have the pigment identification number or generic chemical names of the pigments that were used to make the paints or dry pigments (either powdered or in the commonly found "pigment dispersions") and should be have the generic pigment name printed on the paint label. Lascaux:     Art Brands Top^ NBr = Natural Brown; When the Color Index description is unavailable i have arrived at a general figure by manufacturer literature or personal experience.


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