Personal Growth Journal. Learning from our mistakes and experiences to create wiser, better versions of "us". Why?. %PDF-1.6 %���� WORKING ON MYSELF "My journey and purpose of this blog is to explore the results of shaping my mind, building my character, cleansing my soul, and nurturing my body" - The I Am W.O.M.A.N Blog, 14 Journal Prompts for Personal Growth & Self-Discovery, 8 Valuable Lessons From A Now 28-Year-Old, 5 Self-Care Activities to Get You Through the Pandemic This Fall, How To Start Your Personal Development Journey, 5 YouTube Channels for Self-Improvement and Motivation You Should Subscribe To ASAP, How To Use The Law Of Attraction in 3 Simple Steps, 25 Positive Quotes To Change Your Mindset & Brighten Your Day, 8 Proven Ways To Improve Focus & Get More Done. endobj Reading Time: 2 minutes. If you had the power to suddenly reshape your life to reflect everything you truly desire for yourself and your life, what would be different? Confidence; Self Care; Family time; Personal Growth. So here are 14 journal prompt questions and ideas to get to know yourself a little better. It is important to not only reflect on what you did, but how you felt during the journey. If you could control the narrative of your life, what would your life story be? Eurasian Journal of Educational Research, Issue 60, 2015, 89-110 Self-Awareness and Personal Growth: Theory and Application of Bloom’s Taxonomy Hasan UGUR* Petru-Madalin CONSTANTINESCU** Michael J. STEVENS*** Suggested Citation: Ugur, H., Constantinescu, P.M., & Stevens, M.J. (2015). 0 1 0 obj 61 Journal Prompts for your Bullet journal. 1. endobj 663 0 obj <> endobj %PDF-1.5 In what areas of your life do you self sabotage yourself? Grab your pen and journal, and let us dive into this, shall we!! stream I Am Working On Myself And Narrative. I also keep a personal reflections journal that has random thoughts and favourite quotes. 320 shares. So do what feels best for you and just have fun getting to know yourself better on a deeper level. Here in this post, you’ll find 32 journal prompts for personal growth! Academic, physical, social and personal growth are all co-occurring. Self-awareness and personal growth: Theory and application of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I can’t believe January is over! endobj If not, SUBSCRIBE to stay up-to-date with upcoming offers, challenges, news, and blog posts! That’s why I love journal prompts! As a life coach, one of our earliest lessons is the significance of asking thought-provoking and truth-seeking questions. Would you like to learn? endstream endobj startxref M�$�R�P��}���m['����_"�� However, answering these types of … <>>> I believe that people CAN change. endstream endobj 664 0 obj <>/Metadata 55 0 R/Pages 657 0 R/StructTreeRoot 125 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 665 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Parent 658 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 666 0 obj <>stream H2&��9� �m%�� ���#�H(6��O ��r 2. ��o�f�u~>”�%.�' �:�G��!�è�n#-]�(/`�sD�敭("��iJ�E���e�Z����\�mz��Š�=�^� `�����F�ФUJT� m��'������߉iZ�in� ), Fill in the blanks: My biggest challenge(s) right now is/are _________, and I might overcome it/them by _________ (list all challenges and possible solutions). Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; See These Resources! %���� I have a passion for personal growth. By working on myself everyday I am guiding my story in the direction I want it to go. However, answering these types of questions isn’t always easy to do on the spot. Journal #1-Deer Park Monastery. 712 0 obj <>stream Journaling helps teens (and everyone) to be mindful of these changes, and purposeful about the direction your life is heading. 188.Do you know how to code? <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> They help inspire journal writing when you feel like you have nothing to write about. The self-discovery journal prompts for moms is to inspire you to get motivated and develop personal growth. about Darla ; Blog; Mom Tips. <> 187.When do you choose making a phone call over sending a text? x��][oܸ�~����,^t/g�g�E0�n?�}�yn���o��~{���~m�ݡ����.���>������/$�ӺH�=�G�L�K�i͒�)O��߿˒-�����Vy�%_O��:�o�j���W?�eN������\%���)V� >���?�Ū]��U��|�R������ ��n���?O����a��+������&��V#�Y�f�1҇Ub\����}r�̧c��a�Є�4�uX^�%�J��u��w����*��")MKN��w�#9�DŽ�Y� Sincerely, Jill creator and curator. Journaling is great for self-exploration, practicing gratitude, manifesting, release, and clarity. Welcome to FO4 . ������Iv ?�VR:�����ӢݟG�����I���V�8"��u%����٧��)�����/J&X\|Ѣ�xR�U�*Ԙ���&�6+�NFr��]j)���%C��B�1�����a��3:�F�՜��'o��G0�+�}J��|�~��8�N��`�ť� I Am W.O.M.A.N stands for: Find Purpose and Passion; Motivation; Goal Planning; Organization . It is so therapeutic and stress relieving to write. 33 Journaling Prompts about … Mom … 189.Whom would you share your passwords with? 4. I recommend focusing on one prompt a day, but the amazing thing about journaling is that YOU make the rules! 4 0 obj We all have a story. ���� �GjhY ��� ڏ�Ww gߞ�"�xD���oNm�&Ds�zVS� ��08+���e)�����^�H+�))�����g��$SK. 191.What have you learned playing video games? I have an exercise journal. As a life coach, one of our earliest lessons is the significance of asking thought-provoking and truth-seeking questions. I appreciate it! If you enjoyed these Personal Growth Journal Prompts, please share them on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest. What are you most grateful for within your life? 33 Journaling Prompts about The Arts; 26 Writing Prompts About Yourself ; Kids Writing; See These Resources! Start a Blog; Printable. What would your ideal daily routine look like? 31 Journal Prompts for personal growth & self discovery. h�b```�jnA!��1�G�"Xw�a����;f��] z�O0�~�@��k�)�9�u�Ә��@u�Ӧi���m@\�V2@y֍�9�M�JݸΒ��d�qǵc-�]@nq������m&��Rzs2ܶ���q�/;9F�O;��pmoI3��9����XcG�ECGcG�DG���� ��� � ����@a���"�F����z,�WiA 0� �ƍzl�?�$��a�a��p���Ac����;W˕�b`����t5,�G ����s�4��p(��p Җ�+JA��U� _ � What’s one topic you would like to learn more about to help you live a more fulfilling life? Explain your entire journey yesterday. I kept a journal for my fight with breast cancer. Productivity; Finances. What does living a life of purpose and fulfillment mean to you? 192.Do you play … 3 0 obj 682 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5C5A6061368E004BBBF241D101D9525B><57B15BD379499949AFF3C31200F76259>]/Index[663 50]/Info 662 0 R/Length 99/Prev 371435/Root 664 0 R/Size 713/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream List everything that would need to happen to get you closer to making this narrative a reality. I felt like the start of the year flew by! 32 Journal prompts for personal growth. m��v���Q���yL�FW�)����w=KԆ����a��O/�b�Q[eFj�8E��R� �F��,�m��� There is so much development happening in high school. Because we are both the author and protagonist of our own lives, our actions, choices and experiences are the words that ink the pages of our narrative. WORKING ON MY NARRATIVE Since everyone seemed to enjoy the January journal prompts, here are some journal prompts for February!


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