color: #4A4A4A; width: 25%!important; Many maternity pillows are plain white, but others — like the Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow — come in a range of colors, from gray to pink to blue. .included-contain .number { .pdp-tabs>.nav-pills>li>a { opacity: 0; At Mumanu we have developed a range of certified Organic Fairtrade skincare balms for you to use every day. Product Code: dgcv01b00. transition: color 0.5s; width: 89%;} } .advanced-intro p {font-size: 15px; letter-spacing: 0.5px} background: #FFFFFF; div.text-center.footer_socialLinks { Quantity. padding: 22px 0!important; }. display: inline-block; /*#js-header > nav > ul > li:nth-child(12) > a {font-weight: bold; color: #9F1938}*/ } //jQuerypayin12.appendTo('.pdp__key_details'); margin-left: 50px; display:none!important; .footer li { .breadcrumb_category { .footer-usp {width: 33%; float: left; position: relative; text-align: center; height: 90px;} margin: auto; width: 100vw; margin: 10px auto 15px; Burnsville Center Enter between Sears and Applebee's and walk down hall. .search-panel { padding: 15px 15px; //'This is a payment option you can choose to part pay your purchases by dividing the cost into 3 equal payments without any interest.', font-weight: 300; border: 1px solid #ebebeb; margin-bottom: 10px; height: 45px; } */ } top: 16px; REAL MOMS. .deliveryinfopanel span { /* Fixes page right hand side overflow bug */ Whether this is your first pregnancy, you’re in early pregnancy or you’re considered high risk (maybe twin pregnancy or have health complications), we welcome you through every stage. @media (min-width: 768px){ font-size: 15px; font-weight: 300; Read our full terms & conditions and privacy policy, Call our Customer Service team with any query, big or small. @media screen and (max-width: 540px){ Whether you’re pregnant or just needing to get comfortable; there’s more than one way to use the Mumanu™. } if ((price < 100) && (price > 0)) { /* fixes capitalize breadcrumbs and incorrect spacing */ .advanced-intro-img img { .optanon-alert-box-wrapper .optanon-alert-box-bottom-top {display:none!important;} #page > footer > div.subscribe > div { } padding-bottom: 20px !important; Product details; Delivery & Returns ; Reviews ; Product Details. Meet the Seamless Bra. .mamas-and-papas {text-align: center;} } .desktop-nav__banners_column {flex: 1 1 33.3%;justify-content: flex-end;} top: -4px; } } height: auto; } max-height: 200px; width: auto; .pdp_product_details__body .productDescriptionText, .pdp_product_details__body .deliveryinfopanel {font-size: 15px;} } padding: 0 15px 0px 0px; position: absolute; .slick-slide .vjs_video_3-dimensions { margin: auto; .top-categories { padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 40px; margin: 0 auto; max-width: 1500px;} text-transform: uppercase; } /*Fixes incorrect header black colour code being used and wrong resolution logo on headers*/ .collapse[aria-expanded="true"] { color: #323232; .klarnaClose {position: absolute;right: 20px;top: 20px;font-size: 32px; cursor: pointer;color:#eb6f93} My pants don't fit, and this hair tie hack is getting pretty old. .footer_links { We specialise in pregnancy pain relief such as pregnancy back pain, hip pain and many other pregnancy symptoms. } margin: 30px auto 0; .second-panel-carousel .plus { text-transform: uppercase; .header_logo img { display: block; font-weight: 300; .desktop-nav_menu_dropdown_elem_column>li.header {margin-bottom: 15px; border-bottom: 1px solid #efefef;padding-bottom: 5px;} overflow: hidden; font-weight: 700; The maximum available quantity of {1} has been added to your basket and will be shipped to the chosen store in 1-3 days. } Whether you’re brand new to the “hood,” or know your way around town, our community has got your back. margin-bottom: 0px; .footer-usp h4 {text-transform: uppercase; margin: 20px auto 0px;} #js_searchCategories {display:none!important} } font-size: 15px; @media(min-width:992px) { /* updates page container width */ Find the perfect Body Maternity Pillow, Wedge Maternity Pillow and more at Macy's. background: transparent; .included-contain .included-head { var slice3 = price / 3 Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11:00 am-7:00 pm … margin: 30px auto; Mall Of AmericaNear Nordstorm on the 3rd floor. '
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