We do not have any recommendations at this time. Hey, you've got great taste. I stopped buying a certain flavor due to 4 out of 4 on four different occasion the premier protein shake was either curtail, spoiled or soured. Source: Paddon-Jones, D., et al., Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Please add me to the list. I have a Costco receipt and drink the shakes for lunch everyday and have done so for over 3 years. He says that though the shakes are advertised to contain 30 grams of protein, they contain only between 26.9 and 28.3 grams of protein each. I have used these shake supplements for the last 4 years. What do I need to do other than provide you with my name and email address? Please add me. I have been drinking these shakes since 2012. Add me i drink 2 a day and have for the last 2 yrs. I was using a Sams size case a week of premier protein shakes, For a year after I had weight loss surgery. I use Premier protein drinks. Thank you, Add me to I drink protein shakes every month. I drink a protein shake that is 3rd party tested.. I’m so glad I switched. Please add me I’ve been drinking the shakes since my weight loss surgery December 20,2016, Please. Wow I have dranked those protein drinks for quite some time. I’ve been drinking these for over 2 years. I had gastric bypass january, 2014, I drink 4 chocolate ones everyday. 88 This stooping really low people, greed will be your downfall! I use them for a meal substitute each day. This is the best protein product drink on the market and now it’s gone!! That may be different. I consider this the best shake. Please add me to the list. What a LOSER! I have drank 2+ shakes every day since July 2014. Please add my name. ago and will continue…they taste better than most and I don’t believe they were cheating on the protein content deliberately to bilk the public….and it’s still pretty close to the 30 grams stated and is more than most…..and it will still give me the protein that I’m required daily….along with the food that I eat.
This lawsuit is so stupid. With 30 grams of high-quality protein, the Premier Protein Bar has what it takes to be the most convenient meal replacement bar on the shelves. Carefully read and follow all package directions. So I just purchased a case of these protein drinks. Who keeps receipts for that. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. See above where it says “click here to file a claim”. Food was not something I was able to tolerate for quite a while so I relied on these shakes for the protein that I was required to have. I need a form to fill out. I also bought a 1200 CC motorcycle, but later saw the serial stamp indicates only 1158 CC. I drink them daily, and not going to argue over 2 less I totally agree!!! I told her it was thick for two years and now it is watered down tasting and I had a reaction for the first time after drinking them almost everyday for two years. $15.48 Received today.