Additionally, for the first time in years there was no stinging, no redness and no rash. Of course part of this dilemma is that we are all unique. It is also used as the primary ingredient in transdermal patches, serving as a carrier for 'active' ingredients into the body. “Propylene glycol keeps it light and ideal for blemish-prone skin," she adds. I had always used products from the dermatologist’s office or products advertised as gentle. It was an amazing find for the health of my skin. Paula’s Choice is known for its effective products and no-BS approach to skincare, so it should come as no surprise that this acne treatment is one of Herrmann's top picks. This also adds to the length of time you can use the product. Ever spotted the ingredient Propylene glycol in a skin care product’s ingredients list? Additionally, propanediol shows promise as a healthier alternative to propylene glycol as a skin care ingredient. Main benefits: Attracts water and locks it into the skin. Herrmann adds, "Many safe products and chemicals can be derived from toxic parents, but what matters for safety is the final chemical structure form. * A versatile moisturizer * Also known as Propane-1,2-diol * Please read TIA's post on What Is It: Propylene Glycol Functions: Propylene Glycol, a petroleum derivative produced by propylene oxide hydration, is a versatile ingredient used in over 4,000 products and formulas in the cosmetics and beauty industry as a moisturizer, skin conditioning agent, carrier in fragrance oils, solvent and viscosity decreasing agent. According to Herrmann, it is synthetic and produced by adding water to propylene oxide, which is derived from petroleum products. My research did not stop there. After a few weeks of doing nothing to my face, I knew the first product I had to reintroduce was a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Last medically reviewed on October 1, 2018. Specifically, the study showed that olive oil is an anti-inflammatory agent that may reduce our risk for skin cancer, it is an antioxidant and it promotes dermal reconstruction. I needed a moisturizer for sensitive skin. It should not be applied to damaged or burned skin. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. Then again, the internet is a lawless land full of misinformation and conflicting opinions, so how much can we really believe to be true? Our UK customer care team are happy to answer your questions and can be contacted on 01403 740350. The TIA community consists of our trusted reviewers. Public Health Statement: Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol. How often can you use it: Propylene glycol is a safe ingredient to use regularly, provided that you do not have an allergy to it. The International Journal of Molecular Science also published a study. Viscosity control: Propylene glycol is used to reduce the thickness of cosmetic formulations and products. Catanzaro JM, Smith JG Jr. Propylene glycol dermatitis. Some companies have developed extensive skin care lines that involve many, daily steps. "Propylene glycol is often the culprit." If these molecules are skin toxins like pollutants or harsh chemical ingredient, they could harm the lipid barrier and cause skin irritation. I found S.W. Propylene glycol has been used for decades in many products from food products to manufacturing to skin care. Here's the Deal, The One Common Skincare Ingredient That's a Total Red Flag. Here are its main functions: Though commonly confused for each other, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are structurally different, and it's important to distinguish the two.


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