I got rid of my PS3 a while ago, thinking i would get a PS4. Gran Turismo 6, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Black Ops 2 are also rather active. I never have trouble finding games. Browse all PlayStation 3 game, new and upcoming games. hence for those who want to 100% it they no longer can.. i don't play games online anyways so it's not a big deal to me and i have yet to 100% a game but i have come pretty damn close. Brink is the same way last I checked but that was months ago. *Open to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada (excluding Quebec). It's not like the Slim is overpriced or anything. Maybe Resident Evil 5? Diablo 3 is still active but has a slight modder problem. All the digital content? Yep - you definitely can (and it's not always confined exclusively to professionals, although that's helpful for co-op purposes). But yeah, I mostly bought a ton of digital games so I didn't have to use my playstation collection. But, I don't like the way it puts you in a game with a level 70 gamer when you're level 15. I haven't played much recently, but COD Black Ops was pretty active last year. PS4 will never be able to play PS3 titles. yet there are certain games i think that still go to it. It is basically my favorite game out of all the games I have on my profile. see this is why i think digital games should NOT be the way to go in the future. lots of games are still active and people are playing it online to this day. It was released in 2006, so if you wanted to play online multiplayer games, or hunt/ upload trophies only available on the PS3? Im just wanting to know if those older titles have active online multiplayer communties, and if its easy to get full games in any of them, since i enjoyed those. Hey everyone, I recently traded in my 360 for a ps3, cuz I wanted to play Little Big Planet, Demons Souls, God of War etc. Battlefield, Far Cry, Crysis... pretty much every FPS with multiplayer. Definitely this. My advice is to enjoy it till it lasts but it's probably not going to be here for a long time anymore. I'd say give that a shot, and definitely play the SP if you like good story-driven games. I have been using PS3 for the past few months, quite oftenly... and PSN there have a lot of titles... on sales... for cheap, literally few €. Other than shutting down a few servers be ready to have PSN for PS3 at least for another 7 or 8 years. Will we still be able to download and play our games on PlayStation 3 if they decide to stop supporting it? @RSM-HQ: I agree with all of this. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is still active now that the mp connection errors seem to be fixed, Modnation Racers and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Figures. @Matthew-first: If you're talking theoretical power, the PS3 and the Cell still have a ton of power left in the tank. Link to post Share on other sites. I would question why. Otherwise, everything in the world is difficult, which you do not know. People with WinXP can still access the internet, but there are many current apps that do not function now on XP and MS dropped support for the OS. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Or they bitch that the game was too difficult and time consuming. @BoozDigi: Ohh, I wasn't aware you've already played most of these games, but that's exactly how I felt about those Battlefield games. i mean nintendo still run the wii shop. Oh no, as I still loving my PS3, and I have so many games in my collection, hopefully PSN won't shut down.. i doubt PSN for ps3 will go down, maybe online support, but i'm sure they'll still try to milk people on weekly sales. LittleBIGPlanet from experience this week... Yep there is still a lot like GTA V of course, some of the FIFA's and COD. Many games still are, an easier list would be games that aren't active anymore. With a system that is still in production and has over 100 million units out there to which you can sell a bunch of stuff yet ? Represent your Club online in multiplayer events or tours. Both of those games were once 60$. PS4 will never be able to play PS3 titles. I thought the MP was surprisingly good, and it was a nice change of pace compared to most online games I've played. Might & magic clash of heroes still pretty active, playing everyday. now games online that's a different matter. Does anyone know if these games are active online? Get PS3 games from PlayStation official website. I thought the MP was surprisingly good, and it was a nice change of pace compared to most online games I've played. not the one from 2 years go but the one from (2009) that's a damn good game by the way. You should be fine with any Call of Duty from Black Ops onward. I paid almost nothing for all my games, I have about 30-40 games digitally, mostly PS1-2 games, with several PS3 games. What will happen to the titles We bought online? Although since it doesn't share same store as PS4, god knows how long it will last. As if I have discovered some hidden corner of the universe. They did stop PSNow support on ps3 though. Amazing multiplayer games and active communities. It should still be very active online, so that aspect shouldn't be of any concern. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Gran Turismo 6, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Black Ops 2 are also rather active. @harnessthepower: 150 million LOL, only 2 consoles ever have sold that much, the DS and PS2. This is why Coolyfett says PlayStation is the best. Its a good question. there's a part of the game that you have to complete that you do online but the servers have since closed and have been closed for years. as for playing online games....yeah that will be wound down over the next couple of years no doubt. Explore PS3 game detail and buy now. If they are not charging for online, and they are not making money off the hardware any more... the PS3 is damn old at this time. Let’s take a look at FAQs. I remember playing MW2 and it was plagued to some extent, COD 4 not so much. When I get a itch to play online with my buddies I just activate HAN locally and use those games issue free. I'd say give that a shot, and definitely play the SP if you like good story-driven games. The internet basically gives the PS3 a longer life than a normal console. I had this same fear like 3 years ago, and so far as long as I don't uninstall the games I should be fine. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Coolyfett still has not switched to the PS4 yet and is still playing the PS3. How much does a PS3 go for now in retail? PS4 has been out a few years as it is, and if you haven't grabbed it yet? Finding active multiplayer modes for games that are more than possibly 8-12 years gives me a very special feeling.


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