The crew also fitted new Tommaselli bars, and a set of burly brush guards to protect the controls in case of a tip-over. To put it in other words, if you happened to meet a performance engineer at the factory, this is how his bike would feel. I haven’t found a downside yet to fitting the kit and it is priced well – similar to the cost of a dealer service. . And we’re betting it’d look even better traversing Moroccan sands. There’s some trick reworking happening out back too. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a seriously capable motorcycle which can do with some added dose of power to its 410cc motor. £8 Royal Enfield himalayan wheel rim stickers ... At this point I’m skeptical whether the PowerTronic on the Himalayan is worth the cost and effort but I’ll give it a bit more effort before a final conclusion when I return home in a week and have more time to evaluate the latest map. Plug & Play Performance ECU Install in under 40 minutes with no fancy tools required, PowerTRONlC comes with dual pre-tuned maps which can also be downloaded, PowerTRONlC Harness is water and Heat resistant, By controling both fuel & ignition to deliver optimal performance & throttle response throughout the rev range, Switch between Race & Race by using the on-board map switch, Not Satisfied? Reliability and simplicity were key factors here. Fitting was simple and there is well explained instructions with photos on their www site. While everyone … It won’t change the Himalayan into a racer, it’s simply not that kind of bike – being a long stroke single cylinder trail bike – but it will refine the bike and give it a useful boost and improved running. Fuel consumption doesn’t seem to have suffered either, as hard riding/short journeys still get 72mpg. Added power should never come at the cost of refinement and PowerTRONIC shines in this area minimizing engine vibrations to a great extent. I did a bit of a dirt and rock road with a fairly steep incline and some washouts. This item: PowerTRONIC- Royal Enfield Himalayan EFI BSIV (2017-2019) 18 000,00 ₹ Ships from and sold by Race Dynamics. Excellent little box that really does make a difference in the way your bike will perform.With such a low power output anyway you are not going to add tons of horsepower but it does make the bike rev a lot more freely especially from about 4000 rpm,it will feel more lively. PowerTRONIC Quick Shifter Sensor by PowerTRONIC 13 000,00 ₹ 29 in stock. One of the buttons now switches the Enfield’s ABS on and off; additional functionality that Fuel built in. With dyno-tested gains of 3-5 BHP on a stock motorcycle, there is simply no other accessory in the world that has proven its performance on the road, track and dyno. There’s a custom exhaust hangar on the other side, holding up the modified silencer from a Suzuki RMZ450. All Rights Reserved, Ducati Unveils Euro5 Compliant Scrambler 800 Range Along With a New Nightshift Variant. Up front, you’ll find a classic enduro headlight and shroud, and a big ol’ dirt bike fender. There is no more hesitation at part throttle opening around 4k RPMs. And Karles made a point of thanking his regular suppliers, and his mechanic, Carles with a ‘C,’ for their input on the project. Our maps offer better transient response even in the closed-loop/part-throttle regions, significantly reducing part-throttle sluggishness making low speed riding conditions – be it traffic or twisty mountain passes more enjoyable. I haven’t had to use their service support but they do answer quickly any questions which is reassuring. Since the area in front of the back wheel is sealed off—and the tail is quite long—there isn’t really need for a big rear fender. It’s a 4,000 km dirt tour that happens in North Africa, specifically for classics and modern classics. Normal acceleration requires less throttle opening. First thing I noticed was how much cooler the exhaust was since the fuelling is now much better (richer). Easy to fit, following the online instructions,in about an hour. The switch can be mounted on your handlebar and connects effortlessly to your PowerTRONIC to switch between the two on board maps. The tech guys at Powertronics will also help you out with any issues. So Fuel simply installed a minimal LED tail light and plate mount combo to round it off. “We think it can perform pretty well in the Atlas mountains and Morocco desert,” says Fuel boss Karles Vives. PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Himalayan (2017-2020). PowerTRONIC is the most advanced full feature Piggyback ECU for motorcycles currently available worldwide. IT’S ALMOST TIME for Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles to kick off their eighth annual Scram Africa expedition. Our in-built ignition control algorithms allow levels of precision that have never been seen before on a piggyback system striking the perfect balance between response and refinement. “A trip to Africa where we ride through all kind of terrains, mud, asphalt, sand… a hard test for the bikes and the riders, a real challenge!”, PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 (Twin Spark) (2009-2017), PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 (Single Spark) (2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Himalayan (2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 (2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Husqvarna Svartpilen 401(2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 (2016-2019), PowerTRONIC KTM RC 390 (2017-2019) with Quick Shifter. Initially, it was made available in India followed by the Philippines, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Make the most of your daily commute with instantly better throttle response. “From the first time we saw the Himalayan,” he says, “we thought that inside that bike there was a potential rally bike from the 80s.”, “It calls to mind motorcycles like the Yamaha XT500 or Honda XL, prepared for the first editions of the Paris Dakar. 5. The original pillion area’s now covered by a blank-off plate, and a removable custom-built luggage rack. Simple, light and functional bikes.”. The bike revs cleanly and strongly. They then recycled one of the tank protectors, modded it, and mounted it on the left as a pannier bracket. Still, Karles and his team saw potential right away. Fuel’s work on the Himalayan is clever rather than exhaustive. Its versatility and affordability make it a popular choice among adventure tourers. Designed to be universally adaptable, the PowerTRONIC ECU plugs in within minutes delivering improved performance through race-engineered, user adjustable fuel and ignition mapping. It should be close to 90mpg on a long tour, we will see. Royal Enfield Himalayan - A powerful motorcycle with 411 cc engine for on road and off road. Fuel also installed a Powertronic ECU to get the fueling just right—but that’s as far as the performance mods go. I am happy with the PowerTronic ECU running the default Himalayan map. Power delivery is strong, smooth and no longer dramatic. With PowerTRONIC on this bike, we were interested to explore the limits of the engine and beyond. Fitted this to my 2018 Himalayan myself here in the UK. Noticeable improvement in low and midrange torque. “Speed is not as important as lightness, maneuverability and simplicity.”, While the Himalayan makes sense on paper, it’s a bit hard to figure out visually. PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Himalayan (2017-2020) quantity PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 (Twin Spark) (2009-2017), PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 (Single Spark) (2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Himalayan (2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 (2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Husqvarna Svartpilen 401(2017-2019), PowerTRONIC Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 (2016-2019), PowerTRONIC KTM RC 390 (2017-2019) with Quick Shifter. Thank you for your valuable feedback. Well worth buying,beware of import duties and vat if you’re in the UK though. They’ve kept the stock tank and most of the original subframe—but ditched the gawky headlight fairing and accompanying frame-slash-tank guards. “We will ride the Himalayan at the Scram Africa 2019 edition,” Karles assures us. The power increase is subtle, I am using Map 1 and the extra power seems lower down giving the bike more grunt and power just where you need it. I am running it with the stock exhaust and air cleaner. On rolling, windy rural roads where I used to ride in fourth gear at 45 mph, the bike will now easily hold 45 in fifth gear. Hello Steve, Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are glad to hear from you, Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 15 days return policy. A DAKAR-INSPIRED ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN FROM FUEL IT’S ALMOST TIME for Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles to kick off their eighth annual Scram Africa expedition. Finishing kit includes a new set of indicators, grippy foot pegs, and a set of Pirelli MT 21 Rallycross tires on the stock 21F/17R wheels. So it’s also a great excuse to build a new custom bike. Overtaking is easier with the extra RPM range and mid range power. It’s based on a 2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan, chosen for its simplicity and relatively compact proportions. Your email address will not be published. PowerTRONIC is now quick shifter compatible, ie hardware integration to plug-in a quickshifter. PowerTRONIC Royal Enfield Himalayan (2017-2020) Code: PB-EN-HIMA-01. It’s a no-fuss build, with an equally no-fuss livery; white, with enough red to conjure up images of the Paris Dakar’s glory days. I have it set up on my 2019 Himalayan and have covered a couple of hundred miles so far. The Himalayan’s 411 cc single only makes 24.5 hp and 32 Nm; they’re not big numbers, but neither is the purchase price ($4,499). While we improved throttle response, refinement and power delivery in the process; the goal has always been performance. Also the kit is very well presented in neat packaging and all finished well, giving a great deal of confidence in the product. Overall, the engine feels like it is running as it was designed to run before is was strangled by Euro4.


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