Once you get to the higher powered characters it becomes harder to use the transitive property because people have more diverse power sets. I’m a guy who usually do the basic knowledge the comics let you to use. The common argument used in that Thanos vs. Superman thread was that Thanos handily beats the crap of Silver Surfer, and it is very often stated (and accepted) that Silver Surfer is much more powerful than Superman, ergo Thanos beats Supes. The post a while back about the user who wasn't impressed with Thanos got me thinking. Otherwise, standard arena rules, that is, no pis, bloodlust on, you know the rest. Only. Of course, that versatility tells us nothing about Thanos. Someone needs to explain why Surfer beats Superman at least twice a month here. Although I would like to say that surfer is almost definitely faster than superman. However, Thanos pimpslapping Surfer is useful, not because of a transitive A > B > C thing, but becaise Surfer and Superman are roughly equal in physical stats. Spider-Man beat Firelord and Thanos, Thanos beat Galactus, Galactus could easily beat Spider-Man, therefore Spider-Man could easily beat Spider-Man. It's not a bad thing, since it's good to always display that it's been proven via coherent arguments and not just popular assumption. Was it not the Hulk that fought Sentry to a stand still? If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Now, this may not be a huge problem, and I can see how it might look like im blowing this out of proportion, but I think that determining if a character wins or not based on what people have often claimed in past discussions is something we really need to avoid on this sub. /s. Both fighters stand their ground and go it. I see this, and i agree that it makes perfect sense. Superman (Pre-Crisis) vs Silver Surfer # Superman (Pre-Crisis) This superman can cross the universe in a second and the multiversae in less than a minute. Does A beat B because of a specific weakness of B or strength of A that wouldn't be relevant against C? This is a bareknuckled fistfight only. this is a much better fight raiden." But it's perfectly fine when saying A would beat B no problem, and B beats C no problem, so A would beat C double-no problem. * Introduction -The battle can go either way… Truthfully, at first glance, one might decide that Surfer would easily destroy Superman. You can argue that Surfer is a bit stronger, or Superman is a bit faster, or one of them is more durable, but if they were to slug it out without additional powers, it would be a long, arduous, and bloodly battle that could potentially go on for days. I've noticed that I have been accepting that Surfer > Supes without question for as long as I've been on this sub, cause it's something that's stated left and right. Again, this is probably a given for most of you, but I think that backing up claims with facts and evidence is something that should really be stressed in all A vs. B threads. This, of course, being due to his energy absorption. This is why at best, Superman could tank maybe a few punches from him. just posting these here if someone wants to compare feats, i am not going to say anything because i don't know anything, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. He … I think it only works so long as the we're talking about whatever characteristics are able to take those characters down. So it's not really a matter of Surfer beats Superman re: Thanos, even though he almost certainly does. tl;dr Surfer drains Superman for an easy win. Surfer takes this. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Then it wouldn't apply. Hmm, if that's the argument as to why SS beats Superman, then it's a poor argument to use Surfer to determine if Superman can beat someone else. Does that mean Captain Planet has a good shot against the Hulk because he can clean up radiation? Absorbing Superman of his energy is a perfectly safe way of putting Superman down without killing him. Generally, the agreement is that Surfer is maybe a bit stronger and faster than Superman, but he also has a really versatile powerset that allows him to destroy Superman. I definitely agree that the "Transitive Propert" argument isn't a terribly solid one, though I admit I've used it in the past. They say Sentry is the power of 16 exploding suns, well Superman tanks am explosion the size of 50 supernovas. And Thanos pimpslaps surfer away with a single shot on a regular basis. But if C has other traits that can beat A that B lacks, then the transitive property has no use. Arguing that A>C because A beats B and B beats C isn't usually the way to go. Why exactly does Silver Surfer beat Superman? Normal Superman is stronger than Silver Surfer and Sentry. *details inside, please read* The post a while back about the user who wasn't impressed with Thanos got me thinking. Apparition says: "superman prime would win this. He simply has the perfect powerset to deal with Superman. So, pure strength, speed, skill, durability as expressed in the brawl. It's better to debate each individual character vs each other individual and assess each fight on its own. He's done the same to the Hulk and his gamma energy in most of their encounters. You are indeed where you belong. Press J to jump to the feed. I can only assume that other users do the same with these characters and perhaps many others. but would SS be able to see, just looking at Supes, that he runs off solar energy? Overall I agree, avoiding it is best. And matter manipulation is much more powerful than heat vision or freeze breath, http://www.reddit.com/r/whowouldwin/comments/2ebg1f/superman_vs_silver_surfer/. Superman defeats Parasite on the regular who can drain powers and also use them against him. The Surfer can absorb energy, and Superman is a nice big battery of solar energy. Carnage can beat SS, so carnage can beat Superman! And so I don't get yelled at for posting something that really isn't a whowouldwin?, Silver Surfer vs. Superman: Who wins and why? I think it works best with street level characters where the powers are relatively low. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It works in some cases, burin others it doesn't. finally, thankyou! It's more the fact that Thanos casually overwhelms surfer's physical stats, which are somewhat comparable to Superman's. You might be surprised to know that we don't just accept it. Superman vs Silver Surfer.


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