I live in New Orleans also! The Florida Keys, I was frugal, but the scenery was fabulous. But Greece…Greece is or should be on everyone’s bucket list. With the Pacific Islands on my doorstep I have visited most of them and more recently enjoyed South Africa (especially the Safari) and have just returned from India. let’s us know each other a bit before our trip. I am 53today and live in Rockland county ny. These short roundtrip fares are cheapest while in Ireland. I would like to travel by slow train, rather than fast. Any suggestion? As far as safety and getting around, simply using your instincts and being prepared will keep you feeling confident and comfortable. they want to share about Africa and or Mongolia? Was thrown away after 30 years by a husband that preferred other women. I’m willing to travel. jbeepe@hotmail.com, Sher – New Zealand is beautiful. Join Solo Women Travelers. Hi Iam 54 aft 23.5 yrs of marriage i was let go also am in limbo would like 2 travel but am on my own. Also went on a river cruise alone (not cheap, but no single supplement) in Netherlands and Belgium during tulip season that was great. I am interested. You can reach me at englishoak@outlook.com for further discussion. I am retired, curious, and eager to do budget bucket list travel Currently trying to formulate a Feb/March trip somewhere warm, perhaps to Mexico (Baja Sur, or Oaxaca, and coast) although New Zealand is on my bucket list. How did you find the family place to stay? You sound like a lovely person! I’m Helen 65 from Australia . Viet Nam is very inexpensive and very safe. I’d be interested to know the name of the river cruise company that you used in Netherlands and Belgium that doesn’t charge a single supplement. Explore beyond the usual tourist landmarks on our limited edition holidays. Stay safe and healthy. I am 57 interested in doing a round trip around Europe with a like minded individual, that is, not basic hostel but not 5 star either during July/August 2019 if you are interested. America in early 2018 after seeing Colombia and Ecuador 2 years ago. I’ve done 14 group tours with Intrepid and other companies, with roommates and without. Still have so many places to revisit or explore. I’m divorce too dumped after 40yrs of marriage 42 together 60yrs old now and boy have I travelled since!!! 69 and twice a widow, finally doing a trip alone. Lol…. If you are interested please let me know we can go from there. Don’t pay attention to people who tell you to avoid places, unless those places are Afghanistan, Syria, Congo, etc. Let’s. I’m a young 53 year old and would love to join you on some of your travels especially to warm places as Scotland is way too cold! on how to retire overseas. I am looking for a place to go hopefully for a winter vacation to escape the cold here in Canada for a few weeks. Relevant read: 5 reasons why Mexico is the ultimate solo travel destination, A sleepy street in the centre of Luang Prabang. If anyone wants info. Over 50? Excitingly enough we actually have some new itineraries that are just for solo travelers. I’m a 66 yr old male and in good shape. I was in a travel meet up group in Houston, but it died out. Last few years have escaped to Florida in February, and a bucket-item is to visit FL Keys and view Southern Cross, at sea. Hi, I am heading to Africa for a 21 day overland tour (accommodated) with Intrepid in May I also visited Thailand and The Philippines this trip but missed Laos which was on my list but lost some travel time due to a minor but possibly serious scuba injury. Planning a trip now. It does take some work to find trips were they don’t kill you will single supplements, but it can be done. If anybody are interested, let us discuss via Facebook – Elgene Chong. A sensible option for holiday insurance for the over 50s are to search the insurance market online with popular price comparison companies to obtain the best deal. Margo. I just left TX after 28 years and a nasty divorce. retired. I still work but do have the time to get away. Where do you live? So much so that we had to escape an encircling crowd! Believe me, it gets lots easier! The over-50s are inclined to have better means to apply to magnificent foreign package holidays. It’s much easier now. I live in Plympton Ma, You need any help u can ask. Thinking of going back to asia this September, Hi Lorna, I am looking for a travel buddy to see Machu Picchu in Sept 2018. We have been on a safari in Africa, travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia with a Mekong River cruise between countries, and most recently travelled to India and Nepal in December 2018. I live in Idaho, so warm weather destinations are desirable. We are either single, married (but husband doesn’t like to travel), divorced or widowed. Penny 56Live in NY. you left out Accra Ghana and Lagos Nigeria, very friendly people and respectful to people over 50. Off the tourist trail people will ask how old you are. That’s why I don’t like to travel with the tour companies. I have worked and traveled in S america. We’re all healthy, active and enjoy outdoor activities. There are advantages both ways, but I’m always open to a travel buddy that wants to go where I want to go. I’m contemplating Peru on my own next year for my 60th as my husband doesn’t want to go. It’s the single suplament that get me I am a very “young” over 60 woman who is ready to get her feet wet – solo style! I am active and so enjoy meeting people and making the most of what we can. Also airport transportation. Looking forward to someone as well who enjoys it. I would like to travel with a group of like minded people from around the world preferably during our school holidays in June or July Thank you. Considering staying on a few days after the conference. Also a non smoker TrudyBnv@cox.net, Hi. I’m looking for a travel companion too. We are planning a trip to Egypt and Jordan in October 2019 and are looking for 4 more people to join our private tour in Jordan from Oct 24-Oct 31, 2019. What do you guys think? Happy travels. Take a bus tour!!! I also would rather not go solo at my age. Retired age 62. Japan feels different and exciting, but it is so clean, safe, and well-organised that you’ll easily find your way around – even if you don’t know a single word of Japanese. It is illegal for a Wesrener to be in a hotel room with a Vietnamese if they are not married. So cheap. I’m 60. There should be like a Facebook page or an online community for us all …so many of us in similar circumstances….. just getting some our time at last and finding ways to enjoy it ! Relevant read: The best destinations in Laos, Southeast Asia’s unsung hero. But I noticed people younger than me who are already saying they are too hold for certain activities. I’ve just retired at 61 and also ready to travel but as I’m solo would prefer a travel companion. Janet, in 1989 I traveled solo to the Jammu-Kashmir area. Are you interested? If interested in making a new friend/travel companion please contact me @ Jenkins362@aol.com. Lovely country. Hello, I suggest to visit Antalya, Turkey. If you are all serious about looking for a travel buddy email me & I will start a googlegroup to get this going. I like how you explained that in Greece one out of every five people is over the age of 65 so if you’re over the age of 50 you’ll most likely find some older people to hang out with while traveling. Nice town. Looking at more trips and travel buddy ( female) lots on my bucket list. Sharlene- I am about to head to Kenya on a medical mission with Project Helping Hands. People the world over are nice. I am in Toronto.Experienced traveler. We set out to get under the skin of the 130 destinations that we visit, from Egypt to Jamaica and from Bolivia to Japan.


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