He invited me to be his guest at the Listener Dinner, but I explained to him that I felt out of my depth and too nervous to go. 4 Be quiet nurse when leaving hospital (5) The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers. 14 East end of London parts dry before afternoon (6) We are ready to create our twelfth puzzle in the series. 18 Fungal spores are a contributing factor in strongyloidiasis (5) 9 Capitol’s out of sight (7) If you have lots of free time in the next month you may want to try the Big Crossword, with 1250 clues and a massive 103 x 103 grid. John McCabe was second and Helen Ougham third. *** *** 15 A principally problematic lyric poem lacking feet (5) You still have time to solve our January puzzle, One Name is Key by Wan, and submit your solution before 8 February. '); https://twitter.com/frankmpaul/status/1217580136607948804?s=21, Seasons Greetings XI by Eclogue (Solution). Across I hear that this will be the largest Listener gathering with some 120 guests already signed up. 24 Shook hard, our Scots boxing bishop (6) Corrections to misprints in remaining clues give eight short stories representing the work – ILIA[d], FABL[e], TAL[e], THEM[e], PLO[t], SPIE[l], YAR[n] and ACCOUN[t]. The statistics for our 2019 Prize Puzzles have now been counted and the Crowther Cup will be going to a new winner. Also published were the top solvers of Magpie puzzles in 2019. 4 One in Oban carrying short form of instrument stand with no feet (5) In 1ac on the edge of 23, a pair of 1d, (16 and 41ac) would work together converting a 31 from the 6ac to 46. What types of Crossword Puzzles are there. I think I must be close to my quarter-century of set puzzles by now. *** *** (6) 7 Beginning of obsession concerning poet’s precious metal (3) S=topJS(); As always, I am very grateful for these puzzles. Just the answer with missing letters. Details have been published of the forthcoming Azed Crossword 2,500 celebration. Tricky to going on, especially with 2 types of variations, but got there in the end. Next month will see the  43rd annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament take place in Stamford and, once again, directed by Will Shortz. 12 Misrepresent female abandoning faith (5) 28 Insist miscreant acts as a substitute (6, two words) Wordplay only is given for all of those words. 5 Gadflies beginning to chomp members (5) (4) *** Looking at the grid, go over the clues for any 3-, 4- and 5-letter words. 7 Belle no longer craving king is stuck up (5) The second work, which is appropriately represented, could be clued with a similar hint using a slightly different interpretation. 31 Unclued (5) As you know, in May this year Jonathan Crowther is due to set his 2,500th puzzle as Azed, and a celebratory lunch is being held in Oxford in honour of this remarkable achievement. As usual I have the answers on a list will allocate them in that order. The changed letters in the definitions did not give me any hint to Flappers and Philosophers, but as I write this email I finally get it – Iliad, fable, tale, theme, plot, spiel, yarn, account – all missing their last letters. Thanks very much and good luck. In a fascinating video Simon Anthony interviewed Mark about his crossword skills. 3 Sharpening of a tine’s edges on exotic tree trunk (6) There is a full solution and notes at https://wp.me/p7qTXm-dM. 10 Skunk caught in Missouri by Jove (5) Although in those days I attempted sporadically to solve the “normal” blocked Times puzzle (with varying degrees of success), and had enjoyed solving – and even occasionally creating – crossword puzzles from a young age, I was certainly no expert in the field. 35 Endlessly crafty little insectivore (5) *** 5 Number regularly started on head of Yukon (4) 25 Limit outside diameter to get transmission of energy (9) All clues are of the type ‘wordplay leads to an extra letter not forming part of the answer’. 4 See American army in battle charge (10) Across 4 See American army in battle charge (10) That first Listener must have been a fairly straightforward example of the genre as I remember, much to my surprise, getting a fair way towards completing it: I was encouraged to keep trying, and soon I was hooked. Crossword setter and quiz master, John Henderson was interviewed on BBC Radio York on 17 January. 15 Bees, including some agitated (7) Clue: Put forward again. 1 Scores of sheep after shearing left to sit awkwardly (6) There were 51 entries, of which 5 were marked incorrect. Best wishes You still have plenty time to solve and submit your entry for the February Prize Puzzle, Underdog by Chalicea. Across 13 Company of performers including setter of primarily fictional unfinished work (12, 3 words) It came back with some more red ink, but nothing like the first time. ), Names of States Fill in the Missing Letter, Names of States Fill in the Missing Vowels, Given the capital, write the state name (includes word bank), Given the abbreviation of a state, write the state name, Given the abbreviation of a state, write the state name (includes word bank), Write the abbreviation for a state (includes word bank), Given the largest city in a state, write the state name, Given the three largest cities in a state, write the state name, Given the largest city in a state, write the state name (includes word bank), Given the three largest cities in a state, write the state name (includes word bank), Reading Comprehension Stories and Worksheets, Phonics - Printable Books, Worksheets, and Lesson Plans, Kindergarten Worksheets - Kindergarten Activities, Math, and Lessons, Back to School and First Day of School Lesson Plans, Word Roots - Prefixes, Greek and Latin Roots, Scientific Method Worksheets and Science Process Skills, English Worksheets - Language Arts and Grammar Lesson Plans.


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