We’re the only UK stocking for some of these bad boys. So it gives a cursory look at some top stats – including whether you have people returning with the same cards. Unlike PayPal Here and iZettle, the SumUp reader doesn’t use buttons – it has a touch screen a bit like a mobile phone screen. Browse. Compatible with: Take credit and debit card payments with the Bluetooth SumUp card reader, Get free, expert help to find and build the best software, payments and hardware solution. ©SumUp Inc. All Rights Reserved | SumUp Inc. 1209 Orange Street Wilmington DE 19801-0801. Download the latest version of the SumUp App. When you have a great month you only pay 2.65% on each transaction. Or use it in your store just as easily. If it’s there, you use Android. You access these reports by going through the “Transactions”. The other option is called an acquirer. Do not close this window until processing completes. Square and iZettle, while still basic, probably have the better software. Click on the “My Reports” button in the top right (then select the report you wish to download as a pdf). Compare with, For merchants with very low transaction volumes, SumUp can be very slightly cheaper. To open an online store, you need 3 things: a SumUp account, the SumUp App, and some products to sell. SumUp is a payment processor which comes with free POS software. .css-a6y12e-text-text--giga-text--no-margin-text--bold{font-weight:400;margin-bottom:16px;font-size:16px;line-height:24px;margin-bottom:0;font-weight:700;font-size:inherit !important;}@media (min-width:600px){.css-a6y12e-text-text--giga-text--no-margin-text--bold{font-size:18px;line-height:28px;}}. SumUp does not require a trial – but you need a card reader that works. Brilliant sales team - great knowledge of their product range & compatibility, helpful and efficient service with next day delivery. No. Refunds are free if done straight after the transaction took place, i.e. Display your iPad in style with the Heckler Design Windfall stand. Now, you can use (cheaper) receipt printers for this, but they use something called “thermal paper” which blackens when it gets hot. You can use the Online Store Starter plan for free and share links to your products as often as you like. Revenue report – this provides you with a full overview of all the goods or services you’ve sold over a set period (sorted by category, payment method, and employees). PayPal is the most expensive and the least usable – so we’ll take you through SumUp and Square. Give us a call to get help on choosing the right equipment! , with all the right hardware configured. To open an online store, you need 3 things: a SumUp account, the SumUp App, and some products to sell. Accessories for your store: receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, tablet stands and much more. You can find a USB receipt printer for Apple tablet here and for Android here. Top brands like Burton, Columbia, Obermeyer, and more. 1D is fine for barcodes, 2D is what you need for fancy stuff like QR codes. The map feature also tells you the location of where that transaction was processed. We only charge a 1.69% transaction fee when you make a sale. SumUp can integrate with some POS systems (such as Vend). The other option is called an, Two competitors are head and shoulders above the others here – Square and iZettle have superior software to Sum Up and PayPal Here. section in Sales. Tell us you’re thinking of going for SumUp. The standard reader costs £29 (including free delivery) when you download your software through StoreKit. *Fee discount applies from 5/11/2020 until 30/11/2020. Browse, Bluetooth – this is wireless as far as the connection goes, but it still needs plugging into the wall. Manage your inventory and track your payments and shipments all from a single place. Tell us you’re thinking of going for a “payment facilitator” and you want to know whether it’s the cheapest option. Add the optional pivot tack accessory for extra security. You also need to get thermal paper till rolls which are very cheap. You’ll also need a SumUp card reader. Well, you can set up your store in a matter of minutes, manage it entirely from an app on your phone or tablet, and you don’t need to build, code, or design a thing. But remember, if you’re a market stand, you want to choose an iPad which supports a SIM. You need to pair your reader and your device (like your smartphone) via a bluetooth connection. Then tap the three little dots in the right corner of the transaction field and choose “Send receipt”.


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