CF-FC 2223—Supplementary Death Benefit Beneficiary Information - Forms - Retired member - Canadian Armed Forces pensions - CF-FC 2223—Supplementary Death Benefit Beneficiary Information PDF version (707KB) Help with alternative formats and plug-ins Your beneficiary may be: 1. your estate 2. any person over age 18 on the date of the naming 3. any charitable organization or institution 4. any benevolent organization or institution, or 5. any religious, educational, or other such or… Provision of the personal information, including the social insurance number (SIN), is required pursuant to the Department of Public Works and Government Services Act, para. The Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) is a benefit similar to term life insurance. This plan requires mandatory contribution from its participants. Supplementary Death Benefit—Canadian Armed Forces pensions This page provides information about the Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) plan which is a form of term reducing life insurance. Completion of this form for public service or this formfor Canadian Armed Forces is especially important for those who have remarried after retirement. This plan is specific to the following audiences: Regular Force members who enrolled before March 1, 2007 You may name the beneficiary of your Supplementary Death Benefit by completing the appropriate form available from your pension office.


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