However, it also attracts foreigners who are looking to work for a Mexican employer or to pursue their studies in a Mexican educational institution. No. Documents that are not in either Spanish or English need to be accompanied by a certified translation into Spanish. Temporary Resident Visa Requirements for foreign visitors who intend to enter and remain in Mexico as temporary residents for a period greater than 180 days and less than 4 years. If you are an Australian passport holder, you can study in Mexico for up to six months by entering Mexico on your valid Australian passport. On the day of the appointment, the biometric data (photograph and fingerprints) will be taken, the visa fee will be paid and the consular interview will be held. Online transactions listings are generally not accepted as proof of financial solvency, unless they have been printed and certified (stamped) by the relevant bank. The Mexico Student Visa is one of the types of the Mexican Temporary Resident Visa. + 'gob' + '.' Only official, original bank statements are accepted. Furthermore, any official documents that are not issued by Australian authorities need to be legalized/apostilled. Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. The amount of the scholarship must be quantifiable (shown in AUD or Mexican Pesos), and be clearly stated. Further information might be requested by the consular agent in charge of processing your application, Due to high demand, we advise you to start your visa application. More information here (in Spanish): Expedición de documento migratorio por canje, Additional information to take into consideration. If your study course will take longer than 180 days, then within 30 days of arriving in Mexico, you have to apply to get your Temporary Residence Card at an office of the National Immigration Institute in Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Migracion (INM)). Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. What is the Duration of a Mexico Student Visa? It is one of the most-visited places in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year, who are looking to enjoy Mexico’s vibrant way of life. A Mexico Student Visa by itself is only valid for a maximum of 180 days and for a single entry. addy38a2e36cd82d1305c80bcb8206be6785 = addy38a2e36cd82d1305c80bcb8206be6785 + 'sre' + '.' If you have a different nationality, you might need to apply for a Mexican Visitor Visa. Foreigners who want to study in Mexico for longer than 180 days must get a Mexico Student Visa. Three pictures, two showing you face-front and one from your left side profile, If your resident card was damaged: Submit the Tourist Card (FMM) and your Student Visa along with the residence card, If your resident card was stolen/lost: Submit the the Tourist Card (FMM) and your entrance Visa, Form to request immigration procedure stay (, Any additional documents the immigration office may request. one of the types of the Mexican Temporary Resident Visa. This is why it is advisable that you apply for a visa at least one months before you intend to travel. No, a Mexico Student Visa does not allow the holder to work. If you have a different nationality, you might need to apply for a Mexican Visitor Visa. The physical presence of the applicant at the Embassy is an absolute requirement. Level, degree and area of study that will be pursued. You can read more information here (in Spanish): Obtención de permiso de trabajo. Additionally, you also have to pay a fee for the Mexico Temporary Resident Card at the INM along with a processing fee.The fee for the Temporary Resident Card depends on the number of years it is issued for, and ranges from 3,000 to 7,000 Mexican Pesos. Letter of acceptance from your educational institution, addressed to the Mexico embassy, containing the following: The level, degree, and area of the study you will take, The name of the course in which you have been accepted, The duration of the course, including start and end dates, The cost of the tuition fee, along with specification on whether you have received a scholarship, Bank statements or investments from the last three months. More information here (in Spanish): If you are considering taking your household items with you (furniture, clothing, other articles for personal use) and you are granted a Temporary Resident Visa, you will be eligible to apply for a certificate for the exemption of taxes on the household goods (menaje de casa). Passport-size picture with a white background and taken in the last six months. The letter must be written on the company’s letterhead. Your passport with the Temporary Resident Visa (Student Visa) affixed, A cover/request letter for the Temporary Resident Card addressed to the, Proof of enrollment into the Mexican educational institution. After the consular interview, the applicant will leave all documentation at the embassy, including their passport, for processing. Foreigners who want to study in Mexico for longer than 180 days must get a Mexico Student Visa. The original statements or the electronic statements certified (stamped) by the bank will need to be provided at the interview at the Embassy. What are the Requirements for a Mexico Student Visa? No. + 'gob' + '.' Do Temporary Resident Student Visas allow me to work in Mexico? If they are provided in electronic form, they need to be printed and stamped by the bank. document.getElementById('cloak38a2e36cd82d1305c80bcb8206be6785').innerHTML = ''; If you have a job offer, then your employer must apply for a Mexico Work Permit on your behalf at the National Immigration Institute. Yes. Visa application form printed on one page, double sided, properly completed and signed. Documents showing that the applicant has received a scholarship to undertake his/her studies in Mexico. Do I need to apply for a temporary resident student visa? Important: Australian passport holders DO NOT need a visa to undertake studies for under 180 days in Mexico.


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