Wiz: Cap was also given a shield made out of an indestructible metal called Vibrianuim, which he uses as his main weapon. Lmao at this being 13 pages. The Avengers are at Avengers Tower watching the Andy Griffith show until Nick Fury's image flashes across the screen. Anything close to Blood and Thunder/OF Thor and above. Wiz: Tony's suit is very powerful but it's not his only suit. Thanos takes on Darkseid in an epic battle$ A collaboration with "Round table Studios" check their Youtube channel! Wiz: Clinton Francis Barton was born to Harold and Edith Barton, he has a brother named Barney. Although the darkseid is stronger and faster, it is outraged by its power, so Superman has used it multiple times. De igual manera, Darkseid podría vencer a Thor, puesto a que Darkseid y Thanos básicamente son personajes similares y poderosos (Thanos está basado directamente en Darkseid porque su creador tomó de referencia al personaje de DC para escribir al personaje de Marvel). https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/spacebattles-merchandise.398032/. He also has enhanced durability, easily shrugging off gunshots and stabs. He also has super speed. Darkseid fue derrotado debido a que fue golpeado por sus rayos Omega e inclusó comentó que la Fuerza Omega se gastó y necesitaba tiempo para recargar y fue en ese momento, en el cual, Superman lo atacó. Wiz: Did you know he can pushes a car off himself with one arm? RLT can do way more and problly has a much bigger power set than DS at his normal levels. thor ultramegasuperuberamazeballsshitstomps. Wiz: Tony has a net worth of roughly 12.4 billion which lets him make tons of suits. Únete a Yahoo Respuestas y consigue 100 puntos ahora. Impressive addition to the debate. His IQ is 195! If Superman can do it, then Thor can. Wiz: Thor has super strength and can lift up to 1 million tons! Im secretly batman= Add a photo to this gallery 1 Introduction 1.1 The Avengers 2 Captain America 3 Iron Man 4 Hulk 5 Thor 6 Spider-Man 7 Scarlet Witch 8 Captain Marvel 9 Doctor Strange 10 Black Panther 11 Hawkeye 12 Black Widow 13 Vision 14 Darkseid 15 Intermission 16 DEATH BATTLE! Boomstick: If Peter has the powers of a Spider, does he shoot webs out of his butt? I see potential in him, so I am not saying that such a scans exist or not. Why his brother? Thor is getting his Rune King form. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Wiz: That was until he later found Jacques, also known as Swordsman, criminally steal the money from carnival. Boomstick: Peter was a regular teenager who had a small group of friends and got picked on by the school jock, Flash Thompson. Wiz: In Captain America: Civil War, bullets are shot at Black Panther (who's suit is also made out of Vibranium) the bullets are shown hitting his suit,loosing momentum then just stopping and falling to the ground. But, the only problem with it is that it drains the suits power. You're thinking about a (at least) galaxy buster. Por lo tanto, sólo fue derrotado una vez, no siempre como tú lo mencionas. Boomstick: A shield? It can even turn him Invisible and intangible! He also has an energy blade that cuts through most things and can make arm shields. Darkseid decides he wants to rule Asgard and attacks while Odin is in his Odin sleep. Though this was made before New 52 came out, so this is post-crisis and in a physical fight, which this would most likely come down to, I would say that Thor would beat the shit out of Darkseid while Darkseid jobs. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Wiz: Good vs Evil, the fight has existed since the dawn of time. He's also a master tactician and has lead the Avengers in TONS of battles. @supergoku17: Oh look, he doesn't have more arguments. He has no chance of performing that last feat I listed. Boomstick: But his father was kinda crazy and was very abusive. Darkseid es uno de los personajes más poderosos y formidables en DC, mientras tanto, Thor, al igual que el personaje de DC, también es uno de los personajes más poderosos y formidables en Marvel. Thor’s best feat is the midguard serpent which isn’t that impressive after you take into account it’s debunk, Supes benched the planet for a week without access to the sun. Of course, You can be a Skyfather without it, but it doesn't matter for  battles forum. ", When You are saying "Skyfather", You're thinking about what level? Boomstick: This makes Spider-Man as powerful as Superman! But sadly after the heroes heroic deed is done, his powers leave him making him regular Spider-Man. And what if Darkseid could destroy 1/5 of the Universe ( which I doubt ), classic Thor created a vortex that saved 1/5 of the Universe from destruction, now this is Rune King Thor, so you do the math. You are Abstract or not. Fight to death/K.O./bodily destruction standard equipment Boomstick: But Hulk is still the strongest one there is. No of course not, but even just as an upper limit of demonstrated power for Thor's energy redirection, it is a damned impressive feat. Go cry now, troll. wiz: He can even run up to 100 kilometers an hour, and can outrun cars! None. It might look like nothing but it is very powerful. Aunque, el personaje de DC ganaría con mediana dificultad. Order your 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service kit at http://23andme.com/deathbattle Try Blue Apron! Depends which Darkseid you use tbh. Nick Fury: Avengers, S.H.E.I.L.D's scanners have picked up someone heading towards Earth, we need you intercept it and stop it. But, he created an imaginary friend called the Hulk who sometimes made Banner do some bad things. The Avengers have faced Thanos before, but what will happen if they face Darkseid? This makes his strength virtually limitless!!! But Hulk is kinda stupid without Banner and acts like an angry child most of the time. Odin is a galaxy buster. Wiz: The Vibranium in Captain America's shield can bounce off walls and ricochet back to Steve.


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