Go to: It’s still part of the local culture no matter who owns the name. Not too thin or too thick, it should never be heavy, and the filling should be evenly distributed so that the pancake-to-filling ratio is balanced. Stoney’s SGC is bar food perfection with its Kraftacular melty cheese, tomato, red onion, and bacon. Warm and dry summers, cool but not frosty and wet winters all make for very happy plants. Love Washington? But there’s one dish that keeps us coming back: pumpkin curry. The neighborhood comfort of Compass Rose is reflected in its menu, sprinkled with international cuisine that can be served in a restaurant or on the street. It comes with a big fat flame typically reserved for hibachi grills that also spray fake ketchup at gullible people. With locations in Penn Quarter and on U Street, there are twice as many reasons to try this ooey, gooey and yes, cheesy, starter perfected by The Smith. What started out as a DIY dessert business springboarded by her incredible calling-card recipe (Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake), is now a full-fledged store with multiple locations and a thriving retail business. The star of the show at this hot spot located one block from U Street is the khachapuri, a cheese-filled bread boat coated in an organic egg and butter, often served in Georgia. SO MUCH BACON. With time, these imports have evolved, been turned into signature dishes, and have become part of the local lore, albeit, often with dubious ancestry. The skillet-roasted specialty is a cheddar-Fontina-Gruyère-Parmigiano Reggiano powerhouse perfect for splitting (or make it a main if you don’t want to share). Served à la marinière, which means in the style of the sea, the mussels are added to a mixture of shallots, celery and garlic, with a lot of butter, and white wine. 2. do they have like a meal they're famous for? The only peated barley sourced outside of Scotland can be found at one of Seattle’s newest bars, No Anchor, on the dessert menu. Mention chicken wings and mumbo sauce (also spelled mambo and mombo) to most Washingtonians and they have no idea what you are talking about unless they grew up in one of the historically African-American areas of the city. Just be sure to buy lots of hot sauce and mix it in with the black beans and rice and dip the yucca in it. And while the Washington seaboard is a main theme with this dish, the menu’s actually inspired by the flavors of Spain, starting with a broth made from Spanish Cava, garlic, shallot and pork stock. He popularized geoduck as sushi, so you can bet any geoduck he touches at his eponymous Sushi Kashiba, in Pike Place Market, is pure gold. Cava Mezze (address and info)Barracks Row/Rockville/ClarendonIf you dig drama, don’t leave Cava Mezze without ordering the saganaki. 1 decade ago. Lobster meat is accompanied by lobster bisque and lobster chips, as well as seasonal root vegetables. Now there are essentially no wild oysters left to harvest, and the best Chesapeake oysters come from aquaculture operations in Virginia, with Maryland coming in a distant second place regarding production. Speaking of sweet things, this famous candy is manufactured here in Tacoma by Brown-Haley. Tickets go on sale in February. The fiery dish is simply Kefalograviera, a Greek cheese, covered in lemon and brandy. Find great foods throughout Washington state—from Spokane to Sequim (and of course Seattle to Tacoma, too). One dish at Rasika changes all that with golden fried spinach. Follow the adventures of fellow local foods enthusiasts (and pick up some ideas along the way) with these Washington Local Foods Blogs. The dessert menu says it’s for two, but we have faith in your ability to clean your plate. Tim's Cascade Potato Chips. Washington'€™s south sound is still mourning the loss of Xinh Dwelley's Shelton restaurant that shuttered in late 2016 after spoiling a long list of loyal patrons with incredible seafood for 20 years. This is a guaranteed re-order. Greek Deli (address and info)Farragut NorthThis famous soup cures everything from the common cold to a bad breakup. Unfortunately, over-harvesting, pollution, and other threats have destroyed the once pristine natural reefs and killed the oysters.


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