But, as the average cost of NZ/Aussie wine is currently only £7.00 a bottle (with regular offers in most supermarkets), this equates to 43 million bottles sold. Any way of advising me ?? Today I learned Antarctica exports herbs and spices. However, if you divide the UK’s total imported value of French wine (£321,044,794) by the average price of a bottle of French Wine, you get a completely different picture. Meat, another staple of the British diet, is also heavily imported. Ireland weren’t too far behind, however, with a total of £45,072,115 worth of beer coming from across the Irish sea. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. This data set provides import values of edible products (food and beverages) entering U.S. ports and their origin of shipment. This list is in no way exhaustive as there are a large number of unique and specialist manufacturers and growers who proudly produce their items for sale and export. Trust this helps to dispel your original surprise in your summary. Well, a lot more of it comes from abroad than you might think. Of a total of £817,433,785 worth of cheese that came into the UK in the first half of 2018, £196,074,497, or 24%, of it was Irish. From Botswanan beef to Vietnamese nuts, here’s our breakdown of the UK’s top food imports from around the world. Think about it. Possibly the least surprising of all of the food and drink category results we got from our data was from wine. Some other strange statistics emerged from our cheese-based research, including that we import £143,824,569 worth of cheddar cheese (it doesn’t have to be made in Cheddar, England!) We’ll give you some highlights below, and you can see the full table of top imports by country yourself at the bottom of this page. Would be interested to read about the UKs top food EXPORTS too and where they go. What it revealed was that we import a huge amount of food and drink from pretty much every country in the world. The import data for the first 6 months of 2018 was collected from HM Revenue & Customs and broken down into countries and categories. Where does it all come from though? It’s no secret that the UK is a huge importer of food and drink, it’s not like we can grow exotic fruit in our allotments and we’re not exactly known for our vineyards! To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Making up for their bronze medal in chicken provisions though, Ireland were the clear winners when it came to exporting beef to the Britain, making up a whopping 67% of the value of our beef imports. Due to COVID-19 we may not be able to cover all areas. Hertfordshire Data are from the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau. Our primary exporters of chicken, of which we received £392,415,831 worth, were the Netherlands with 43%, Poland with 17%, and Ireland with 10%. Very Interesting and specific. AL3 6PF Unit 2 Soothouse Spring Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. If the UK encouraged more support for the entrepreneur and promoted diversity in production then perhaps it will again be able to sustain the population as it once did. Thank you. So, we actually drink almost four times as much NZ/Aussie wine compared to French wine – because each bottle from the other side of the world is priced more reasonably than what comes from our neighbours the other side of the channel. Well, a lot more of it comes from abroad than you might think. Your list is extremely detailed and as a follow on from the previous comment from Ammar I offer the following; As a resident of the Isle of Man, I’m happy to say the island provides immense variety if not quantity to both the UK and further afield. I am trying to find out what tonnage of Frozen Farmed Shrimp from Vietnam comes into the UK per annum. Very interesting figures! Zooming in on the Central American and Caribbean regions, we can explore which products we most commonly import from these countries, both mainland and islands. I agree it would be nice to do, perhaps one for the future. The high price is influenced by Champagne prices, that you are able to buy Lafitte Rothschild @ £1,250.00 a pop and that both Chablis and Loire Valley wines are far more expensive to buy in a supermarket than an equivalent Melbourne Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. I would be interested in finding out what can be grown in the UK but in imported – perhaps due to the costs? Excellent research source. from abroad. CRISPR GMOs―They’re Cheap and Fast, But Are They Good? That’s twenty-three billion pounds. Now combine Australia’s imported value (£175,604,889) with New Zealand’s (£123,701,119), you arrive at a total of £299,306,008 – which is still less than France. Organic Consumers Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. So really, what America has come to know as Chinese food for 150 years is really a combination of historical accidents and adaptation to American tastes. £5,440,656,736 worth of it in six months, to be precise. So in terms of volume (in other words the number of bottles), £321,044,794 divided by £26.50 = 12 million bottles sold. As a ‘come over’ I have shown that it is possible to grow produce from the Antipodean nations and have introduced new ways of producing seeds for distribution. Perhaps a good use of this data will be to analyse the likely impact a ‘no-deal’ BREXIT outcome will impact the UK in terms of increased costs (tariffs), changes to import and export demand and how people are likely to adapt (change diet, absorb increased costs, buy more British etc). Would you be more explicit on which meats and vegetables are being imported. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. St Albans 6771 South Silver Hill Drive, Finland MN 55603, This material, provided for educational and informational purposes, constitutes a "fair use" of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Tariffs hugely affect the economics of what will and will not be grown. Everything from rapeseed oil, meat and kippers to award winning Christmas puddings and cheese. An International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr. Chlorpyrifos: Common Pesticide Tied To Brain Damage in Children, COVID-19 Panic Mongering―Faulty Math and Shoddy Science, Send a tax-deductible donation to the OCA. Most of what we think of as quintessential American foods like burgers and fries, barbecue, and fried chicken are surprisingly not actually American at all. Although the UK does have a thriving beer industry, with local breweries across the country and several national level manufacturers, we still get a lot of our beer from other shores. The population needs to recognise the miles and costs in importing goods and return to a more self sufficient culture. Thanks very much for that, really interesting. Food and beverage import values are compiled by calendar year into food groups corresponding to major commodities or level of processing. Chicken and beef especially come in from a host of different countries before being eaten in the UK. We cannot allow marketing and food conglomerates to decide what goes on a label.” If you want to support American-grown grassfed meat and dairy, buy directly from a trusted farmer near you or look for products that bear the American Grassfed Association logo to ensure that your food is truly a “Product of the U.S.A.” The UKs total import figures of food and drink from around the world are staggering. What’s up mates, pleasant paragraph and pleasant urging commented at this place, I am truly enjoying by these. First off – fruit and veg. This amount of fruit and veg came from all over the world, with almost a fifth (19%) of British fruit and veg imports coming from Spain, 11% being exported from the Netherlands and 5% coming from South Africa.


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