It is 100% a false equivalency. @DammeFavour: How fast were those sniper rounds? Ooh, a childish name call: the mark of a "great" debator. What utter nonsense. Forum Posts. But they can, even small research into they feats show they can, it just incredible you think catching a ejection seat some kind of "game changing" feat or something. Which mean faster Wonder Woman go to work on Thor no problem fist to fist (she got strike power to hurt him, speed to dodge him, skill to out fight him, and weapons to bind, control, and slay him at speeds he got no chance to handle), Double so??? The Shield didn't take the hit. Totally false. 4 successful aim dodges from Batman and you think Thor wouldn't react to Doomsday leaping over and them punching him? In regards to skill, Wonder Woman is probably the better fighter and more feats. Neither Hulk or Iron Man are slow (Iron Man dodged a tank shell in one of his older armors for peat's sake). 18 not needing oxygen to breath in space survives. Not to mention 18 would be much more ruthless. 3. Neither Cap or Spiderman are on Thor's level. 2 years ago. Already said Doomsday > Thor. So yes, they do. She's standing a good 20 feet or more away from Doomsday, I'd say it's not impossible. The Energy Definitely touched her. 0. Not really, Thor has enough speed feats to suggest he can react to that leap and punch. She'd enjoy the fight with Thanos just like she did against DD. and we've even seen Batman dodge Doomsday a few times because of this. Totally true, since I said This Batman use gadgets more than many other versions, not all (show me where I said he use it more than comic and Arkham-you understand difference between "many" and "all", right? Wonder Woman has battled death gods before and she probably has a strength advantage over Hela, but Hela's other powers would allow her to make up for that. 0. Not at all. WW is too fast, too strong, and she'd effortlessly knock away all of 18's attacks. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. She certainly would not win without mitigating circumstances. deactivated-5f5eba8f0a2dd. I know 16 was stronger than both though. But whatever advantage he might have there it irrelevant since it would do him no good in a fight with her, so your "point" a fail. Ignoring Stormbreaker or his Ragnarok lightning, Her bracelets regular shield and energy shield guarantees she can ignore stormbreaker, She absorbed massive lightning AOE from Ares and smile, same will happen to Thor. Thanos has skill advantage over Doomsday and a sword but his street level combat speed isn't helping him here. More than enough? RELATED: Wonder Woman Vs. Black Widow: Who Would Win? Justice League villain Darkseid climbed the ranks of Twitter on Tuesday due to fans debating who would win a fight between him and Avengers nemesis, Thanos. He can stop the punch with Stormbreaker. You try to lowball/outright deny she got hit direct by Doosmday, point is even if it had hit shield the length she flew and the things she smash through with no damage show she got great durables no matter what, more than enough to handle strikes from Thor if he could even touch her (which he mostly can't he too slow). Cap's pretty comfortably in the 10 ton range, even higher with stuff that should be outliers like wrestling Ultron and Spider-Man. Is WW capable of flight without her invisible jet? In your mind, yes, but that don't count, in outside world (reality) Thor good speed "feats" don't exist, none you showed not things panther or spider-man can't match, which mean slower than DD and WW without plot device. don't have to put her "above", it "enough"-more than "enough" to take any stray blow get through, but none will get through she either dodge or block with bracelet, regular shield, or energy shield (she block faster Doomdsday she got no problem block slower thor who you admit slower. Wonder Woman - infinity / 2 = infinity in all 3 rounds. Avengers without Thor>>>JLA. Diana's combat speed really isn't that impressive. Superman is still in another league of speed than this Thanos, N judging from Wonder Woman reacting to n riding lightning bolts she blitzes as well. (1 the "feats aren't "great", cap can match them. seen him move and time things faster than Steve and is shown tagging and matching Abomination in speed who was amped on super solider serum BEFORE getting the Hulk's DNA. @supernotebook: ww and batman are fodder and as we already know thanos > thor > supes, @eldominance said: ww and batman are fodder, In Bizarro land they "fodder", in regular universe Batman bombards Thanos with attacks from the Batplane that distract him while WW slice him to bits at bullet + speed-sword that rip through Doomsday gonna leave grape face a bloody mess, and as we already know thanos > thor > supes, "We" don't know nothing like that cause it not true-Superman>Thanos>Thor is correct stats.


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